Tuesday, June 18, 2013

How to cure Chocolate Cravings

I get ridiculous cravings for things and I try not to always give in, but I’m not restricting myself either. I love chocolate. One of my Uncles once told me, “Chocolate is proof that God loves us; Coffee is proof that he understands”. It’s probably one of the best things that man has ever said to me. But have you looked at the calories in your average candy bar? Yikes. I don’t run, but one chocolate bar is the exercise equivalent of an hour of yoga. An hour! So I try to keep my chocolate fixes small. Here’s how I’m getting my fix:

Dark Chocolate. I’m a milk chocolate girl at heart, but for some reason the dark, slightly bitter taste of dark chocolate seems to cure cravings for me. I only need one piece.

Sugar free Cocoa. For some reason I think the sugar free version is smoother and creamier. I think I might actually like it more than the regular version. I will mix it in with my coffee for a light mocha. During our Wisconsin winters when I need that little extra, I add raspberry schnapps (I’ve heard peppermint is nice too) but this does bring your calories up considerably.

Chocolate Cereal. I love me some cocoa krispies. I actually get teased at work for loving chocolate cereal the way that I do. But the calories in that run a little bit high for me too. My most recent love? Fiber One Chocolate Cereal with Almond Milk. To me, it tastes like cocoa puffs only really delicious (I hate the texture, not sure why). And it is only 80 calories for ¾ cup!

Chocolate steel cut oats! I stumbled across this website a few months back while looking for different ways to prepare steel cut oats in the crock pot. It is the perfect way to start the day!

Tofu chocolate pudding. I’m still playing with this one. I love the fact that it is made from Tofu (gluten free!). What I don’t like is that I do have some trouble finding a recipe that is sweet enough for me. Try to find a recipe that uses real melted chocolate (vs. cocoa powder). The first recipe I tried used maple syrup and I ended up adding sugar because it just wasn’t good for me. I usually end up giving in and adding regular sugar and then halving the servings (most recipes give you 4, I separate mine into 8). Google it and see what you can find. The recipes that use cocoa might be enough for you, but they just don’t cut it for me.

Make your own ice cream sandwiches! My mom made these one summer and they are delicious. Break chocolate graham crackers in half and make a sandwich with 2 tablespoons Light Cool Whip. Freeze. I’ve seen recipes floating around Facebook with Strawberries in cool whip, sandwiched between regular grahams and frozen. I’m sure you could add fruit to this recipe if you wanted. Or mix in a little sugar free Cheesecake pudding mix for a really decadent treat!

I love Refrigerator Oatmeal.  Check out this recipe from The Yummy Life.  The Chocolate banana was ok, but I like it a little sweeter. So I used the cocoa in the recipe and added a spoonful of Nutella. Shake REALLY well.

Dove. Sometimes I just give in and let myself have a little chocolate. Dove promises are the best thing ever. I keep them hiding in my drawer at work. One or two little promises a day and I’m set. 

Pudding Cups....you know the kind. Buy sugar free and keep them hidden until you really need one. JELL-O makes a couple of different flavors and they range from 60-100 calories.

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