Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Experience with The Something Store

About a month ago, I was doing my morning Facebooking and I happened to notice a post by my favorite morning radio duo about a site called “The Something Store” (  You order one “something” for a flat rate of $10 (no shipping) and your something will show up in the mail.  My initial reaction?  Sounds hokey, but what a great way to get rid of garage sale crap. 

I must digress at this point to say that garage sales creep me out.  I think they're great for acquiring things on a budget, but I have hang-ups about buying certain things without knowing where they're coming from (bed bugs, anyone?).  There are things I can handle, like estate sales, but buying things like stuffed animals or things I feel I can’t wash thoroughly makes my skin crawly.  Not to mention, there are those people in the world who go dumpster diving and use the finds to make profit at garage sales.  I saw my own trash at a garage sale up the street from my office once.  Things like that will make you suspicious of garage sales, especially when I know the reason I threw out an item and they don't.

I was corrected by other posters, however, who claim that according to the website everything they send is worth $10.  Here’s the guarantee from their website:

Simply, we guarantee that your something will be worth at least $10, per MSRP, or we will refund the difference.
Note: MSRP stands for Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (I didn’t realize this at the time)

I read the reviews on the site.  I checked out their list of what my something will not be, and I went ahead and ordered.  I’ve created this cute little timeline to show you how the weeks following progressed.

I really just wanted a reason to make a timeline

I placed my order.  I was, admittedly, suspicious when my card was charged a mere 2 days after placing the order and I had not received any other information about tracking or processing.  According to their website, it can take up to 7 business days to ship your order.  They certainly mean that, as I did not hear from them again for 5 business days.

I received an email May 31st with tracking information, I clicked on the link included in the email and I was taken to the United States Post Office website.  The status stated “Electronic Shipping Info Received” and stayed that way for the next 13 days.   Finally, on June 13th, the status was updated to read that it was at the processing facility nearest my house (and, a little note here, the post office website now reads that they received shipping info June 1st).

I arrive home on June 14th to find a small, lightweight, brown envelope in my mailbox.  It was mailed from New Jersey.  Here’s what The Something Store sent me:

It came in a little plastic bag.  There was no note or card, just this bracelet in its plastic sleeve type bag.  I’m not thrilled with it.  Apparently, these wrap bracelets are all the rage somewhere.  When I went to check the value I found everything from $.01 to $215.00 and even instructions on how to make your own.  It’s white "leather" cord with light colored string, and citrine-colored glass beads (which is a nice, fancy way of saying: you’re-obviously-dehydrated urine yellow) with a silver colored button.   But aside from my issue with the color (because that is part of the chance you take), what concerns me about this bracelet is the smell.  There is a leather-y chemical smell to it that did not go away after I let it sit on the table to air out for 4 days (I haven't checked it since then).   The tag specifically states that it does not contain lead, which is important because it was made in China but the smell is truly offensive.  I’ll probably end up throwing it away but it has been 3 days since I checked it last.

I found many blogs and YouTube videos where people did get some interesting items.  But if I knew then what I know now (aka, what MSRP means) I would have never done it.   I should have known when I read the reviews on the website which are all on the website content, without links or references to any other sites.  

Truth be told, I understand that this was a risk that I took.  That is the whole point of the website.  It is a combination of online shopping and gambling.  You’re taking a gamble that you’ll get something good, like an MP3 player or an IPad (not that I expected either, but it would have made for a really cool story).  I will not be purchasing from The Something Store again…I can buy 10 somethings at the dollar store in the future if I really need "something".  If you have $10 you feel like throwing away, please contact me and I will mail you my miscellaneous garage sale crap "something" in exchange.  But if you’re doing something like a White Elephant gift exchange, or sending a gift to a relative you don’t know very well (or like very much) then this might be a quick way to spend $10 you don't care about and be done with it...just make sure you place your order at least 4 weeks in advance.


  1. We have done gift exchange for Christmas at our office with The Something.... over 20 items purchased and none of them worth even $3. All was dollar store nothings.

  2. We ordered more than 30 items from the for Christmas gift exchange and were disappointed (embarrassed) with all of them....outdated dollar store nothings too...nothing useful I emailed a month ago and have never received a response.....quick to take your money though. Would never do it again!