Friday, June 21, 2013

Snacking at Work

I sit at a desk all day and I admit that sometimes I get the munchies.  Maybe I’m not eating enough in the morning.  But I found that one of the best ways to get through those munchies days is to bring good snacks, and have a drawer full of snacks in case I forget….which I do, a lot.

So here is a list of work friendly snacks and a list of what I like to keep in my munchie drawer.

Snack Ideas to bring to work:
  • Fruit (slice it ahead of time, or grab an apple on the way out the door)
  • Cut up veggies
  • Yogurt
  • Light String Cheese (my favorite)
  • “Popable” veggies-things you can just pop in your mouth like cherry tomatoes and carrots (and dip)
  • Small Salads
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Cottage Cheese and fruit
  • Cheese (cube or slice at home)
  • Small wrap (think snack size, not lunch size)
  • Fresh juice
  • Baby Bel cheeses or Laughing Cow wedges with crackers
  • Cottage cheese
  • Celery smeared with Peanut butter, or cream cheese
  • Sugar free jello or pudding (add fruit for a twist)
  • Hummus

Ideas of things to keep in your desk (or bring with if it isn’t an option):
  • Nuts (separate individual servings into snack bags)
  • 90 calorie bars (I realize some people don’t care for them because of artificial ingredients, sugar content, etc but I think they’re great)   I usually have Sweet and Salty nut bars, Special K bars, etc in my drawer.  I try to buy bulk of what is on sale and stock my drawer.
  • Blue Diamond Nut Thins with a Hint of Sea Salt.  I LOVE these things.  I’m sure I could keep something lighter in my drawer, but these are slightly salted and crispy. 
  • Crackers.  I usually keep Nut Thins, but in the past I’ve kept crackers in my drawer.  A little tip?  These clips work really well for keeps bags closed and ingredients fresh.  Luckily my office has enough that they don’t care if I use them because they’re considering throwing them out.
  • JELL-O.  I love me some jello and pudding cups.  Buy the sugar free ones off the shelf and keep them for a special snack on those days.   The flavor I checked was 60 calories a cup.
  • Popcorn.  They make mini bags now, or you could share a bag with a coworker.  Buy “light”.
  • Boom Chicka Pop is popcorn, but I felt it was worth mentioning because it is already popped and incredibly wonderful. It comes in regular (something like 35 calories per cup) and lightly sweet (37 calories per cup).  I love the Lightly Sweet…it is Certified Gluten Free, and made with fair trade organic evaporated cane juice, sunflower oil, and sea salt.   
  • Tea.  No, that isn’t technically a snack but I find drinking warm liquids all day helps curb munchies.  I buy the fruity, sweet flavors and use a few drops of liquid Stevia if I need it sweet.
  • Snackwell’s Chocolate Drizzled popcorn.  I love the White Chocolate drizzled caramel corn.  But this is an indulgent snack.
  • Chia Seeds.  I keep them in my drawer and add to yogurt or soup to give it a little more substance. 
  • Dried produce.  You can find it in individual packs now, or buy a large container and make your own.  If you don’t want to buy it you could start making your own at home.  I really love cherry flavored prunes.  But raisins, bananas, kiwis and pineapple are good too.  I’ve also heard veggie chips are excellent to munch on and easy to make. 

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