Monday, July 15, 2013

Birchbox: July

Yay!  My July Birchbox arrived Saturday.  I waited a few days to give my new products a try and here we are!  The theme for this month's Birchbox is Power play and featured products and lessons from the ladies of USA's hit serious SUITS.  I won't lie...I cheated a little and watched the sneak peek this month.  I probably shouldn't watch the sneak peeks because I'll just be sad if I see something I really want to try and then it doesn't show up in the box, luckily the one thing I was really excited about showed up in my box!!

July Birchbox

This month's contents:

Birchbox Bobby Pins - Set of Six ($5).  If you look above, I received the silver colored ones. 
They're super cute.  I haven't been able to give them much of an endurance test (I'm hard on my things, this is important stuff for people to know).  What I like it that they feel very firm, not flimsy or easy to bend.  I also gave them I quick scratch and both the white background and the pattern is on there pretty good, which was important to me because I have a tendency to scratch things like this that are cheaper quality.

theBalm® cosmetics InStain® Long-Wearing Powder Staining Blush ($22).  This was the product I was hoping I would get.  Really.  I crossed my fingers and everything.  I received "Swiss Dot" (above).  I really like it.  It went on really smooth (I used fingers this morning because my brush somehow magically got misplaced) and blended well.  7 hours later and I still have a beautifully blushed face.  I think I may be in love.  I might actually buy this product. 

Benefit it's potent! Eye cream ($32) My first Benefit product, isn't that sad?  I used this the other day after a particularly long evening.  I looked pretty ragged and this brightened me up and took care of my puffy wrinkled eyes.  The scent wasn't thrilling, but it was mild and I guess I should be glad it wasn't some perfume-y or fruity scented thing. 

DDF® Acne Control Treatment ($44).  I've only tried this once so far.  No results from the zit as of yet, but I'm willing to bet this will be really great on some of the breakouts I've had lately.  1.5% Salicylic Acid, which is what is usually in these kinds of medications.  What I really liked was when I read the Inactive ingredients.  I've never noticed things like Witch Hazel extract, aloe leaf juice, calendula extract, and ginger root extract in the products I've used in the past.  I'm definitely going to be using this for my next breakout.  

Number 4 Super Comb Prep & Protect ($32).  I already use a product similar to this.  I really didn't notice much detangling power, which could be due to my new shorter haircut.  The smell is mild.  Overall my hair looks nice and I don't have any complaints. 

Overall, I'm really happy with this month's selections.  I wont lie though, my greedy butt looks at all of the products that went out this month and I get a little jealous but I'll just have to wait until next month!

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