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Product Junkie: Julep Introductory Box

So I just signed up to be a Julep Maven.  I'd heard the name before in regards to polishes, but I've never really checked them out before.  So when I saw an advertisement on one of my favorite websites for a free introductory box, I knew I had to check it out.  I went to the website and started looking into it.  I started by taking the Julep Maven Style Quiz, which is a series of easy questions about your style preferences.  I'm "Classic with a Twist".  Then, you can check out your first box.  The first box ships within 3 days and you're on your way! 

The introductory box, which you can get for FREE (see details below) includes products chosen based on the results from you Maven Style Quiz (and who doesn't LOVE quizzes?).  My box included 2 polishes and pedi-creme.  You're then offered add-on products at a reduced price.  I just signed up, and I'm getting my introductory box (remember, that's 2 polishes, plus pedi-creme) plus 4 more polishes for $20.   Seriously....$20.  Pretty awesome. 

Also, if you don't like your box for the month you can choose to try a different style, mail your box to a friend, or opt out of receiving your box for the month which seems like a really awesome option to me. 

The only thing that concerns me is that when I want to cancel, I will have to call the company.  Not cool.  I don't like calling anyone for anything and I'm not sure if it is a sign that I am anti-social or if cancelling AOL has left me scarred for life.  I hate AOL.  There is nothing like being on a line for 90 minutes only to talk to Peggy or someone like...him.  

Here's the link if you're interested:
Use code FREEBOX to get your first box FREE.

And yes, I get a "Reward" if you use that link.  Julep offers a program where you can earn "Jules" by sharing the link.  You also earn them by buying a box every month, on your anniversary with Julep, and by upgrading your box.

My box showed up within a few days.  It arrived in a simple black box with the Julep logo on it.  I opened it to find this:

Just some observations about the box...I was worried about how the polish would arrive.  The polish is that clear bubble wrapped package you see in the middle.  The polishes are wrapped 2 per package, wrapped in bubble wrap and then fastened with a clear rubber band (looks like a hair band, I'm going to try it because I love those little clear bands and I have a tendency to use them.  Yay for upcycling!).  The pink thing included a welcome from Jane Park, CEO and Founder and on the back listed the benefits of being a Julep Maven (benefits include: 20% discount off all products plus free shipping, information on the Rewards program, box options, and when to expect my box).  I also received a card about my style profile, and another card with information on where to find Julep via social media.  The white box in the back is my FULL SIZE Julep Mint Condition Pedi Creme.   My only complaint...the black crinkle paper stuffing the box.  Yuck.  I'm sure it helps with shipping but it made a little bit of a mess. 

So on to the really good stuff...






Billie Jean

I also received a little 2ml size sample of the Julep Glycolic Hand Scrub, which I didn't find until tonight.  I'll have to try it. 

Thoughts on the far I have tried all of the creme colors except Claudette and Kai; I also haven't tried Portia which I thought would be glittery/opalescent but is really just a glitter polish.  The first thing I noticed with the creme polishes was the smell.  This doesn't smell like regular nail polish.  Obviously, you can't totally eradicate the chemical smell of polish, but these almost smelled like green apple or sour apple.  It was pleasant to say the least.  One thing I noticed was the brush is a little thick and seems to hold a lot of polish...there is a reason for this.  The polish, if swiped on too thin, gets clumpy and hard to apply smoothly.  Too much and...well, we all know what happens there.  It does require a bit of a readjustment from using other kinds of polish.  Drying time seems about average if not a little less.  I covered it with a top coat, which requires a heavy hand as it seems to not spread on top of the Julep very well.  I used Seche Vite.  I've experienced different results with different colors, but my shortest time before seeing wear was 4 days and it is always wear on the tips, the longest was 7 days before I got antsy and changed it...I haven't noticed chipping or peeling.  In fact, as a nail polish peeler I have to say it left me unsatisfied, but thrilled as a consumer. 

The colors are not exactly true to the online swatch.  If you order, check out the color on the bottle pictured.  The Billie Jean is actually very bright and I love it.

I was hesitant about the pedi creme.  As someone with rough feet, I've used every lotion and potion I can find and I can be hesitant when it comes to new things because it seems like something I've seen before.  What struck me as different about the Mint Condition Pedi Creme?  AHAs and coconut oil.  Alpha Hydroxy Acids.  I LOVE AHAs!  My favorite moisturizer has them and it makes my skin look beautiful.  I'm also obsessed with coconut oil right now, I just haven't used it on my feet yet.  The creme itself it really pretty thin, which was surprising and slightly worrying.   The smell is about what one can expect from any foot creme, lightly minty but not overpowering.  The texture is nice, not greasy or super heavy.  I put it on after my shower and before bed and my feet feel wonderful without that squishy feeling you get from heavy petroleum based products. 

Overall, really happy with Julep products.  I received an email about my first "real" box yesterday.  I was able to go to the site and look at the box that was headed my way-the Cityscape Collection.  The September box for me included a Cleansing Oil and 2 polishes.  While I was interested in the polishes, the product that really caught my eye was the Mattifying Face Primer.  So I switched boxes and got the Modern Beauty Box which is usually 2 products, no polishes.  It was pretty simple and I really liked that part...I could switch, get what I want to try, no hassle...pretty cool.  

2014 Colors: Garnet (January Birthstone), Amethyst (February Birthstone) and Raegan (left to right)

UPDATE: It's been 7 months since I signed up for Julep and I have gotten my box EVERY month.  I've gotten some colors that I didn't really love but for the most part I've been very happy.  

What I really love is the great deals Julep offers.  The polishes pictured above were purchases on a Buy One, Get One free promotion, and I got the pink one (Raegan) free for accepting my Maven box for three consecutive months.  In 7 months, I've gotten three free polishes (not including BOGO deals) for different things.

Obviously, I haven't chosen not to accept a box so I can't tell you how that went for me. 

My only warning...if you receive a product and have a problem, take a picture of it and send it in with your email to customer service.  Last month I received a liquid eyeshadow that had leaked.  The product was on the inside of the box, dried in the threads of the screw on cap, and I'm really not sure if it affected the quality of the product.  When I emailed Julep the next day, I was asked for a photo which I didn't think to take so if this happens to you, send them a photo with your complaint email. 

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