Thursday, August 8, 2013

Today, I tried Sushi

Now I've tried Sushi before, I guess.  Does trying Sushi at the All-You-Can-Eat Super Buffet really count though?  I know it it silly, but I have this hang up about ethnic food (is that the PC term?  I'm afraid I fail when it comes to being up to date on the PC terms).  I would like to believe that the best, most authentic ethnic foods are prepared by the people of that ethnicity, and it is probably better in the country it originated from.  That isn't totally off the mark, is it?  But living in Smalltown, Wisconsin can pose some challenges in that department so we have to make due with what we have available until we win the lottery or find another way to travel more.  Luckily, we have a local food chain that has embraced Sushi and provided today's grub, albeit very Western style. 

One of my favorite co-workers is considerably more traveled than I am, one of the few perks of joining the Army I suppose.  His wife is Korean, and while in Korea he's had the pleasure of eating such delights as Fugu and Fresh Squid (like, still squirming when it is served to you and be sure to chew really well so you don't choke on the suckers and die kind of Fresh Squid).  He is definitely a Foodie, though I don't think he would call himself one.  He seems amused by my goal to try everything once and through him I've gotten to try things like Rice Punch, and smoked duck. He is also an incredible smoker and from time to time brings in all kinds of meaty goodies for the office to try.  Today, I told him I wanted to try Sushi.  The only thing I asked was that he please remember that I hate condiments (You never know...there could be mayo in there somewhere), and please find something with avocado because I was craving it.  This is what he brought back for us:

These were called Summer Rolls.  Imitation crab, avocado, cucumber and carrots wrapped in lettuce and Tapioca wraps.  There was some kind of sauce inside as well.

This was a Chef Sampler platter.  Some with Tuna, tuna and shrimp, artificial crab and they all had avocado.

This one was labeled as a Dragon Roll.  Tempura shrimp with some kind of stick sauce, wrapped in rice and seaweed, rolled in rice and covered in this delicious sauce. 

Overall, it was incredibly delicious.  I loved it.  I wasn't crazy about the Summer Rolls...there was a sauce inside that I wasn't crazy about and I now know that I do not like Wasabi.  I couldn't say which one was my favorite, but they were all very delicious.  I'm thrilled.  So thrilled I want to buy more on the way home.  Hopefully the restaurant we wanted to order from will have re-opened before the next time we want to order and I'll get to try something with Roe or Squid.  

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