Monday, September 16, 2013


I have a love/hate relationship with coupons.  I never watched that "Extreme Couponing" show.  While I'm all about savings, I am still of the mind that my time is valuable too and I'm not going to waste it all just to save a buck.  I might clip coupons, but I'm not going to be that person clipping coupons every day, then poring over the ads, planning shopping trips, and on and on and on.  Those people scare me.

I SHOULD learn to keep a price book.  But I'm lazy...a fact that I've never hidden.

What I do know is that coupons, combined with in-store savings can equal some really great deals.  These are the sites I use for coupons:

S.C. Johnson.  If you don't know their name....well, I don't know what can be done with you.  They are the makers of Raid, Off!, Kiwi, Scrubbing Bubbles, Pledge, Windex, Glade, Ziploc, Shout and Drano (did I miss any?)  They've just articles to read, recipes to try, sweepstakes to win, and coupons!

Proctor and Gamble....the makers of everything S.C. Johnson doesn't make.  Just kidding....kind of.  They have a whole list of brands Always, Aussie, Bounce, Tide, Cascade, Duracell...go look because the list is endless.  A couple times a year, they put out the P&G Brandsaver in newspapers across the country.  Here is where to sign up for their articles, giveaways and coupons

Oh, Betty Crocker, what would I ever do without you?  The Betty Crocker site sends me recipes and coupons.  Sign up here.

This is a new site I haven't gotten to take for a spin yet.  Apparently, you use their coupons and they send money to charity.

Red Plum.  They have coupons in the paper almost every Sunday

*Some other tips....

-Check the site of the product you want, sometimes they offer coupons on the website you can print or email to yourself for signing up, liking them on social media, or by request.

-Learn how sales run at stores you get the best deal at.  If you can afford to wait, and your coupon will still be good then cool your jets for a week or two when it comes to buying products.

-Learn what stores offer special sales.  For example, Walgreens has an extra booklet of coupons they keep by the ads...SUPER SAVINGS.  They also have coupons only available at the beauty counter so get to know those ladies a little bit.  (That's how I saved on my SensatioNail)

-Coupons on usually good on clearance too so don't forget to get the sales there.

-Find friends to do a coupon exchange with.  I've heard of people meeting up and swapping, I've also heard of people sending envelopes in a mailing exchange. You receive the envelope, take what you want, put what you have that they don't want back in the envelope and send it on to the next person.

-Consider magazines.  ALL YOU magazine ( )  features money saving tips and tricks in every issue, and features coupons in EVERY issue.  Plus, their website is full of extras!

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