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DYON: Why I Do My Own Nails (With PICTURES!)

OPI and Seche Vite

DYON = Do Your Own Nails

This is (hopefully) part one of where I share with you my tips, tricks and tools I've learned to do your own nails! I get lots of compliments and I've invested a lot of time and money into having nice nails and I'd love to share what I know, and what other people know, with everyone!  Everyone should do their own nails...with all the different things out there to do and try, there is no reason not to anymore!  You can get great results at home!  Here is why I do my own nails....

OPI and Jamberry Nail Wraps

I've done my nails on my own most of my life.  I was that girl sporting 3-4 colors a week in middle school.  In high school, I occasionally got them done for senior pictures or prom but I didn't have the income or a job where I could have salon acrylics like some of the other girls.  I spent my high school years a little jealous of the girls who had parents who let them go to the salon and get their nails done every month.  I don't remember what happened when I went to college.  The point's cheaper, especially if you like to try a lot of different things or change polish a lot.

Gold and Black Crowns using Konad

Bad Salon Experience  
I've had a few bad experiences, mostly at Chop-Shops

What is a Chop-Shop, you ask?  It's a little slang I've learned for those nail places that are the equivalent of a Nascar Pit Stop for your nails.  You show up, sit down, and with a few swipes of a drill and a quick brush over you're done and out the door.  They're usually the ones offering the cheapest in so cheap it benefits them to get people in and out as fast as they can in order to make money.  

If you've never seen a pit stop, check out this one done for a commercial in Times Square done by the Red Bull Team.  

I've been to a few before I learned better.  I once got nicked and the guy tried to glue it back with nail glue and pretend it didn't happen.  I once had something green develop under my nail.  I've had bubbles and uneven acrylic, nails that pulled up and damaged nails.
The worst experience I ever has was when I thought I had finally found a place for me to go, until one terrible evening when I got a very unhappy nail technician.  It was my first pedicure and she spent the entire time threatening to make me sweep the floor because of everything she scrubbed off them.  I'd asked for a fill and polish, and a pedicure.  When she finished humiliating me via pedicure, she looked at my nails and decided to chew me out because I didn't need a fill yet (I was still "green", how was I supposed to know?).  She removed my polish and I paid her, including a generous tip because while she had humiliated and insulted me, she had still done the work.  She then started doing my french manicure using a technique where she applied the polish, then removed a perfect "smile" with a brush dipped in acetone.  As she was doing it, she told me, "You could do this at home yourself for free".  Then, she added a white stripe between the pink and the rest of my nail and told me how she normally charged extra for she was doing me some kind of kindness.

In hindsight, I should have walked out.  At the time, I think I was too I was in the middle of a mani/pedi.  But I never went back and in the meantime I've learned about Chop-Shops. 

OPI, Silver Striper and Seche Vite
Risk of Infection  
Infections you can contract via nail salons include athlete's foot, warts, Swine Flu, MRSA and Hepatitis.  Not all salons are obviously dirty, but if you know what to look might notice some things that will make you shudder.  Improperly sanitized tools, even manicurist's hands and nails, can spread infection if not cleaned between clients.  

Gold polish, black striper, Seche Vite

Self-Care Pride
Yes, going and having someone else take care of you feels nice.  I can't deny that.  But there is a certain amount of pride that comes from taking good care of YOURSELF.  And what you get compliments?  Even more worth it. 

OPI, Sally Hansen, Purple Striper, Seche Vite

Fun Hobby/Creative Expression
Some people knit, some people do crosswords...I do my nails.  It can be fun!  It is also a great hobby when you're trying to lose weight because you can't snack with wet nails.  It is also a way to express yourself.

Galaxy Nails,  @cutepolish  re-creation

When someone else does my nails, I look them over and if I find an imperfection it will drive me wild.  Doing your own nails means you are never left with something you don't like or unsure about, and you can change/remove anything you are unhappy with. 

SensatioNail and Rhinestones
 SensatioNail and Julep Polish

OPI and Seche Vite

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