Saturday, September 7, 2013


I love my local Farmer's Markets!

The area I live in is lucky enough to have such diverse Farmer's Markets!  I missed my favorite one this week as I had some errands to get done that had gone neglected due to being ill.  The one on Friday nights  is my favorite because they also feature my favorite Yoga Studio for "Yoga in the Park", local musicians and entertainers, and because they have such a large variety of products.....pancake mix, baked goods, more baked goods, canned goods, produce, plants, cheese and butter from that Nordic Creamery I love so much, meat (grass-fed beef, goat, and llama), alpaca yarns and products, and jewelry.  But, as I said, I wasn't able to go so I had to hit the county Farmer's Market in the Courthouse parking lot.  I can tell fall is coming as there were some apples and lots of acorn squash.  I got out with some good deals...lots of green peppers (we eat them, but also feed quite a few to our guinea pigs), a couple of squash for me and this lovely bouquet.

I also visited the co-op and got raspberries very cheap.  Overall, very cheap and productive market day!

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