Monday, October 7, 2013


I have a confession to make.  I am a Drive-by Cupcaker.

It all started one night when I decided to make champagne cupcakes.  I'd been looking at the recipes for weeks and debating whether or not I could give up some of my precious champagne (I was REALLY into Peach Bellinis at the time).  Then I stumbled across the birth announcement of a baby girl to an ex-boyfriend and I decided to make bright pink cupcakes to celebrate.  The result was champagne cupcakes, with bright pink, vanilla Italian Buttercream and decorated with white sugar pearls.

I made a single batch but somehow managed to end up with over 4 dozen cupcakes and no way to get rid of them.  The boyfriend-that-was didn't sound thrilled with them (he was picky...Champagne cupcakes and Italian Buttercream was just not the boxed cake mix and canned frosting he grew up with so it must not be good, or something equally silly-and this, ladies and gentlemen is part of the reason why he is the boyfriend-that-WAS), so I needed to find people to eat them.

I could take them to work, but even on my busiest day I can barely get rid of more than maybe 15 cupcakes...and that is with handing them out to people merely for walking in the door.  So I packed up cupcakes to take to work with me.  I packed up cupcakes for the boyfriend-that-was to take to his work and still had more than a dozen left over.

 When I cook or bake, I usually get a lot of comments from people who want some and so that night I decided "Why not?"  Then I packed up two pans and hit the road.  The first stop I texted my friend, told her I was going to cupcake her and run and that is when it became a Drive-by Cupcaking.  She came out with a plate and snagged a couple and went back in; I didn't even get out of the car.  I texted people, some I just showed up at their door.   Sometimes I stayed for a bit and visited, but I mostly just knocked, dropped off cupcakes and left.  If I knew where they lived, knew they were home, or was able to get a text message from them, I stopped by and dropped off on the way to my final destination: Mom's house.

So, now that the BTW (Boyfriend-that-was has really gotten to be a mouthful) and I are no longer, it is just me in the house and the landlord who lives in the apartment below.  And, for the record, he never took the cupcakes I packed up for him to work...I ended up throwing away at least a dozen. But I still want to make cupcakes, so what is a girl to do?

A Drive-By Cupcaking.

I'm not left trying to decide what to do with two dozen or more cupcakes.  I think having someone showing up at your door with ready-to-eat cupcakes, and a quick hello sounds kind of awesome to me.  I get feedback from multiple people...I get ideas on what I can do better, people tell me what they think of what I made, and it helps me to become a better baker.

Plus, is there better way to say "Hey, I really like you" or "I care about you, here's something to make you smile!" than randomly showing up, cupcakes in hand?  I don't think so.  The people who receive my cupcakes seem to agree...I'm still getting thank you's today.  But the best compliment I've gotten so far?  "Simple things in life is what people should appreciate!!  A cupcake delivery is one of them!!  :) !!!!"

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