Monday, October 7, 2013

DYON: Vloggers I LOVE!

I learned a lot about what I know about nail care from trial and error, lots of magazines, and a couple of really great beauty school grads.  But I have to admit...from time to time, the best place to find tips, tricks, techniques and cute ideas is on the Internet.  

I've gotten a few requests to do some videos...videos aren't really my thing (I hate the sound of my voice when recorded).  What I will share with you, however, are a few of my favorite bloggers and YouTube channels that you can get great ideas, tips and tricks from.  These women have inspired my manicures a time or two!

I've included a link to her video below the clip.  You can also find her on Twitter @DeeVineDeeZine.  She has some really great videos using regular polish, but where she really shines is with SensatioNail.  She is really my Go-To for Gel Manis.  Plus...she is super active on Twitter and will answer any questions you have.

One of the lucky girls who can be found under MISSJENFABULOUS on just about every social media site or check out her blog  I only recently discovered her and I shared one of her nail tutorials last week on using straws for manicures.  I just think she is as cute as the day is long.  She does all kinds of things and is definitely worth checking out!

She's on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.  Great, simple designs for beginners as well as more complicated ones for more advanced.  She's pretty awesome.

She does nails, make up, giveaways....check her out. 

I have a little confession to make...I can't keep up with her.  I don't feel that I'm at a level where her tutorials actually teach me anything...they just leave me envious and wanting a manicure from her.  I have learned some thing, gotten some ideas about colors and ect.  But...incredible and fun to watch!  See the link of one of my favorite manicures below.  

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