Sunday, November 17, 2013

Beauty is the Moment

Today's Sunday Confession prompt: 

Beauty.  Interesting word choice for someone who isn't.  I've spent a lot of time looking in the mirror.  It's not that I think I'm unattractive, but I certainly don't fit the criteria of Beauty today.   Lord knows, I've rarely felt beautiful and yet I just keep trying with lotions, potions and cosmetics.  

There are very few people who call me beautiful, and even less who actually make me feel that way.  Not to say that I haven't had my moments.  But when I think about the word beauty, it isn't something I truly relate to. 

I don't think I am a beauty.  To me, beauty is a glamorous movie star from an old movie, a pin up girl, but more often than's a moment.

Tonight, I had one of those moments.  My sister is out celebrating her birthday and so I have her son with me tonight.  

Oh...this kid.  

He brings so much joy, but he'll keep you on your toes to say the least.  

At one point, I was feeling pretty low because I used to be the world's most awesome Auntie and Stepmother in training.  Tonight I'd had him for less than an hour, and he had spent 40 minutes playing a video game....and I was ready for a drink.  I felt like a failure.  We used to have so much fun together and now I feel like I don't know how to relate to him.  I feel like I'm constantly correcting his behavior and dealing with THE MOUTH.  Sometimes, I feel like I spend more time bitching at this kid than actually getting to spend time with him.  And I hate it.  And maybe I should spend less time correcting him and more time just enjoying him, but I feel like when he is in my care it is my responsibility to help shape him into a good person.  Am I not here to love and guide him just as much as the next person?  And sometimes, it leaves me feeling frustrated.

 But then, we started a movie and he snuggled up next to me.  And when it came time for bed he wanted me to lay down with him.  And when I did, he snuggled up next to me really close and said "I love you, Auntie".  And it was perfect and I could not ask for more.  

Beauty is that moment when it feels like the world stops, and there is nothing more wonderful than where you are, what is going on and who you are with at that exact moment in time.

Beauty is when it doesn't matter what you have or have not, it is when what you have is everything.

Beauty is the innocence, faith, and unconditional love of a child. 

Beauty is that moment that takes your breath away.   

Beauty is that moment when you walk into the room, and he looks at you and you see nothing but amazement and disbelief.

Beauty is that moment when in the midst of the clouds and the storm, a ray of sunshine peeks from between the clouds.  

Beauty is that moment of kindness, generosity, or goodness when the world is ugly. 

Beauty is when someone tells you they love you and you know, without a doubt, that it is freely given and 100% true. 

Beauty is when someone has a talent they love, and they share that love and that talent with you. 

Beauty is those quiet moments spent next to a river, poles in the water, sun on the face and there is nothing more you could want from the moment.

Beauty is that moment when you catch your own reflection in a mirror, and you smile at yourself and think "I Love You. You're awesome".

Someone once said: 

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

And I hope they're all beautiful.

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  1. Life isn't always beautiful. Sometimes you lose your way. But your sisters won't let you lose it for's my confession.

  2. Love it.

    I barely made it, but here is mine: