Monday, December 16, 2013

Anonymous Confessions: Eating

Per a special request, I will now be posting all of the Anonymous Confessions I receive on the blog on the following Monday.  Sometimes, I like to make my own confessions too.  So...Anonymous Confessions are in BLACK and mine are in PURPLE.

"The opposite of dieting can suck too. As a skinny girl who has always been told to gain weight, now that I have put on 5 lbs (its winter!!) there's the nosy co-workers asking if I'm pregnant or simply talking about my body... no matter what I look like people are going to say some crap, but I just love food!"

"Nothing means love and acceptance like a meal. Everything we do is centered around the table and food. Sunday dinners where we talk and tell the week's news and laugh and, of course, eat. It's so hard to lose weight when not eating "enough" is deemed a slight. Even after my gastric sleeve surgery, the urge to stay at the table to be part of that loving circle is so strong, it's almost unbearable, even though I know if I stay I'll eat more than I should."

"One of my fondest memories of being a teenager were driving out to #KrispyKreme late at night for a Hot Chocolate with a shot of the Kreme flavoring and eating donuts with my High School Sweetheart. I miss Krispy Kreme a lot sometimes."

"I still go down to the basement by myself and enjoy a few roasted marshmallows by the Woodstove!"

"My earliest memories are of my dad coming home from working long long hours and sharing a candy bar or crackers from his dinner bucket with me. I tend to equate food with that feeling of being safe and loved."

"I have this silly pet peeve, but it grosses me out when people eat something like pasta (you see this a lot with Ramen noodles too) and they bring it to their mouth and then bite it off in the middle and let the rest fall back on the plate. Once I start eating a noodle, I don't care how bad my manners are...I will finish it. That drives me nuts, especially when someone then offers me a bite or tries to give me their leftovers!"

"I love eating onions on just about everything! Unfortunately, I'm one of those people who will smell like an onion EVERYWHERE for at least a day after I eat them, and there is nothing that kills the sexy time for my boyfriend like 'onion breath' coming from inside the panties"

"My mother-in-law talks with her mouth full. Like, she jams her food up in one cheek like a squirrel getting ready for winter and proceeds to have a conversation with you, talking out of the one side of her mouth. So disgusting! Good news? I lose my appetite around her, so there's that..."

"I'm not certain I'm normal. I've been told that the reason people overeat is because they take every bite after the first trying to recapture the way the first bite tasted/felt. My first bite and last bite are the same to me....awesome."

"Dieting sucks so hard because you simply can't stop eating. You have to plan every single bite you take, so now I'm thinking of food 10x more than I ever did before. Almost to the point of obsession with my food/calorie/carb/quantity logs that never satisfies my doctor. And the worst part is, you HAVE to EAT. It's like breathing.... You can't live without it. It's much easier when you don't have to think about it."

"I hate when people scrape their fork on their teeth while eating! Makes me want to punch their hand and have them choke on the fork!"

"Even though I'm diabetic and I try to eat well, the week before my period is hell. I crave everything I know is bad and sometimes I will break down and dial up extra insulin and sit down will a bowl of melted marshmallows covered in hot fudge. I make sure I compensate with exercise and meds afterwards, but that two to three minutes of indulgence is priceless."

"I don't know if I ever mentioned this before, but I have a touch of OCD. Not the good kind where everything is really clean, but the kind where I label everything. Anyway...I have a problem with eating #Skittles. I have to eat the same color in even numbers because I don't feel like anyone should die in my mouth alone or as the 3rd or 5th or 7th wheel. I literally sort through them and eat them that way. And when I have an odd number, they get paired up with another odd number (3 red and 3 purple, for example). And as a last resort, singles with be matched up with singles of another color. But I can't eat just one.

That's insane. I know. Everyone who knows makes fun of me. Also, feel free to send me some Skittles because just talking about them makes me long for their fruit deliciousness. Except the new green ones. WTF. I hate the new Green Apple Skittles."

"So love to cook and eat. Had a rough last year and have lost a lot of weight. I agree that I need to put more back on and have put a few back. I am just tired of family and friends always commenting on what I eat or do not eat or how much. And that is not helping my appetite. I know its coming from a place of love but it is tiring. Meanwhile its time for a Snickers."

"I don't like to eat in front of anyone. Even my family...I eat a meal when everyone else is asleep, and I pick at my kids leftovers through the day."

"Last night, my boyfriend came home from hockey at about midnight and he brought me the new poutine from McDonald's and McNuggets. OMFG. I love grease and salt."

"I don't eat condiments/dressings. No ketchup, mustard, pickle relish, Mayo, Miracle Whip, Vinaigrette or Steak Sauce for me. The only exception is Ranch Dressing, which I eat on just about EVERYTHING."

"I hate eating with my Mom. She chews so loud it drives me up the wall. I'm always surprised to see she is chewing with her mouth closed."

Super thanks to everyone who submitted Anonymous Confessions!  Please remember to check out all the wonderful bloggers who participated with me this week listed below!  I hope to see you next Sunday!

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