Monday, December 30, 2013

Anonymous Confessions: Family

Happy Sunday!  As always....Anonymous Confessions are in BLACK and mine are in PURPLE.

"My nieces and nephews are rotten. They're entitled, spoiled little bullies. I'm glad my sister lives 100 miles away"

"Family confession. I deliberately work weekends to avoid my in-laws functions because they make me feel so unwelcome"

"Every time my in-laws 'forget' that baby has my last name and not my husband's, I fight the urge to just call them out on their dysfunction."

"My sister used to be my best friend, but in the last year she has changed and is driving me crazy. I lost a LOT of weight, but when anyone comments on it, she makes sure to remind them of how much weight she has lost. It can be blatant ('oh yeah, she weighs now what I weighed when I started losing weight') or kinda subtle ('I've really had to be careful when buying bras. Since I've lost so much weight, just any old bra won't work'). She ignores my questions about medical issues (she used to work in the medical field) to tell me of her newest lover. She leaves her kids either at home or at our mom's while she dates a new guy practically every week, sometimes more. She has money issues, but buys clothes often. She continues to make choices that she could lose her job over. And these are all she talks about. If I ask a medical question, she will ignore my question and go off on this story about the fucking she got from one of her guys.
I miss my sister. I don't know what to do but "stop acting 17" comes to mind."

Remember that flat I got about 3 weeks ago, and my whole family showed up to help? Shit like that makes me proud!

"After my parents died and the property divided amongst us, my brother would come for a visit, and steal things he thought he should have. My one sister took our stepmom's ashes, and refuses to have any kind of service. My Aunt (stepmom's sister) asked for a small amount, so SHE could have a service at sister refused. She is sitting on those ashes muttering "My precious, precious".........She even sent my daughter a christmas card this year, but didn't make it a family card....entitled, self absorbed twats!!!"

"My uncle, my mother's brother, is the most rotten and miserable human being on Earth since he got divorced and started dating a new women a few years ago. She makes up lies about his family, she has made fat jokes about me and calls my sister (his God-daughter) an unfit mother, even though it's not true. She calls my mom crazy and unstable even though she's the crazy one. She talked shit about my grandma and said she never wanted to see her again and then had the nerve to show up at my grandma's funeral earlier this year. My uncle has never stuck up for any of us to her. He used to be my most favorite person and now I can't stand the thought of him. I am sad because I'll probably never see him again and he was such a great person way back when. Now I feel like I don't know him anymore. Nothing anyone says can get through to him. He is choosing his girlfriend over his family and it's heartbreaking and there's nothing we can do about it."

My family is going to be the reason I eventually go insane, or go to prison. True Story. I'm almost positive of it

Very personal confession: about 2 weeks ago my sister came over to my house and hid a bottle of Jameson somewhere. My options are to clean better and find it, or do without. Clearly, I'm doing without but I've thought about punching her in the crotch at least 3x a week since then.

"My sister is pissing me the fuck off! I may be taking her to court for custody of her children who currently reside with me and I'm taking care of them full time including financially! She needs a punch in the crotch! But for now I'll just get drunk on some Redd's apple ale while hubby cooks pizza for dinner. I'm so angry at my sister I could spit nails! I feel like 8 years worth of my time, energy and help was all a waste of my time, except I have my beautiful niece and nephew here with me where I know they're loved and taken care of!"

"I have 2 step kids that are rotten. Their mother is a creature from hell...lazy, loud, pill popping douchebag.
They hate to love me and have put me and my life in ruins more than once. Hubby just shrugs his shoulders. Two weeks ago the youngest and her mother went to MY town PD and filed a report saying I beat her up.
I have a 17 yr old daughter... and a 15 yr old son--never touched them once. She took the report back, but I have had so much- can't take much more- whether he goes forever or things change...but they won't.SO, I put my foot down & that little girl is NOT allowed here-- she is 11 & uses words like a 25 yr old male would... now on Thursday nights & Saturday into Sunday I make Hubby stay at his mother's with his children.
This is my home anyways. Wrong or not-- it's my choice."

"I didn't see my father much while growing up as a young child. When I was 12 I went to live with him and my stepmother and their young daughter.I realized that same day that he was an evil, abusive drunk. My father soon began sexually abusing me and beating me. He promised me if I didn't tell anyone, he'd send me to live with my mother, brothers and sisters again. So I kept quiet. After a few years, I told a teacher at school. I never saw my father or step sister again. Recently, she contacted me on Facebook and told me my father is dying of brain cancer and only has a short while to live. I'll admit, I felt nothing. I simply did not care. He was dead to me 15 years ago."

"I walk around saying 'I hate kids' an awful lot so my kids steer clear of me"

"I am totally surprised that my family has not ended up on an episode of Cops yet. They have made the local paper's police blotter section though! Several times! It's bad when only a few people in your family...extended included...haven't been in trouble with the law. I am embarrassed to say my last name in this city!"

"There is so much dysfunction in my husband's family that we stay away from most family functions like they have the plague. When we do get brave enough to go to one, it takes us both all of about 10 min to remember why we don't visit often and another 10 to get the hell out! They say we aren't trying to be part of the family, but when dealing with joy vampires it's best to avoid the night."

Thanks for reading, Everyone!  You can find my confession HERE as well as links to the wonderful people who made Sunday Confessions with me yesterday.  Thank you for trusting me with your confessions and I'll see you next week! 

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