Monday, December 23, 2013

Anonymous Confessions: Tree

Anonymous Confessions are in BLACK and mine are in PURPLE.
"I have a million trees (ok, not a million.... maybe 12)...because I get bored easily. Big trees, little trees, Green trees, a pink tree, a silver tree, a green tree with white flocking...and this year, my 9 yr old decided we needed to use the Purple Tree. 
Honestly, I am not feeling it this year. I'm been working 7 days a week for months.  I've had surgery, and she broke her wrist. Between my doctor visits, her doctor visits, and her cheer-leading practices/games, I'm tired.  
She badgered her 19 year old brother into dragging the purple tree out of the attic 2 weeks before Thanksgiving. It sat there for weeks. She would plug it in when we got home every day, but it was bare. Finally, she scrounged around and found some ancient ornaments in a closet and put them on the tree. She conned me into buying some cupcake ornaments at the Dollar General. She helped put the tree up at my sister's house and begged some beaded garland off of her. She made paper chains We went shopping on my birthday and she pleaded for some hugely fluffy mantel garland and a tree skirt. FINALLY I deigned to put a topper on the tree....
Seriously, except for the topper, everything to do with this tree has been done by her."

"I redecorate the tree from the day it is put up until the day it gets taken down.  I can't stand to have something 'out of place'. OCD is a bitch."

"The kids really hate the fact that this year we switched to a fake tree.  But after the dog peed on the real tree the last 2 years in a row, it was either a fake tree or a fake dog."

"Growing up, we had the most beautiful tree skirt handmade by my grandmother.  It was covered in beads and sequins.  Last year, I bought a skirt so I could make my own...I haven't even touched it."

"My first kiss was in a tree."

"Last Christmas Tree I had, I stuffed down the trash chute in my apartment complete with tinsel, lights, and other decor, rather than break it down and try and store it. Nearly a decade of tree-free Christmases and I like it that way."

"Growing up, I always loved real trees even if I had an allergic reaction to them."

"There are more nuts than leaves on my Family Tree"

"I think a Christmas Tree can tell you a lot about the person/family that decorated it."

"When I was in 6th grade, we had to write a holiday story from a POV other than our own. For some reason, my very drug-free mind decided to write it from the POV of the Christmas tree. It won a place in the local paper that printed it. I'd love to read that goofy thing again one day..."

"Last year divorced from a man after over 20 years together.  Every year we would buy one special ornament for our tree.  Usually something about animals and always the year on it.  Threw them all away last year when I put my tree up.  Mom was disappointed and thought I should have given them away to charity.  Crazy part is, I knew they would be separated and did not want that.  Out they went.  My tree does not look the same but still pretty and not so much crazy anymore."
 Super thanks to everyone who submitted Anonymous Confessions!  Please remember to check out all the wonderful bloggers who participated with me this week listed below!  I hope to see you next Sunday!
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