Sunday, December 8, 2013

Social Media is Fast Food for the Brain

When I began "Sunday Confessions", in many ways I did it to have a forum to confess whatever was on my mind at the time.  To share whatever it was inside of me that felt like it needed to be told to someone whether it was sad, funny, lame, morbid, selfish, or whatever else I was feeling.  It was in many ways a very self-serving creation for me.  But through wonderful friends I've met through Blogging and Social Media it came to be a thing and is part of fulfilling my dream.  

As it grows though, I realize it no longer serves only me.  Other people are experiencing the amazing catharsis that can come with participating in Sunday Confessions.  In truth, in many ways this is more for our own self-inspection, acceptance of our life situations, and our own personal growth than anything else.  Seeing other people experience the same kind of "release" that I often feel after a good Sunday Confession is indescribable.  

That being said...I would like to please ask you to check out the list of bloggers at the end of this post who have contributed to this week's Sunday Confessions.

Today's Sunday Confession prompt:

Social Media.  It is everywhere these days.  Who could have imagined that Social Media would have taken the World by storm like this back in the days of  MySpace?  Gosh....I can barely remember MySpace.  Honestly, there is a part of me that can barely remember life before Facebook.  But who would have thought that Social Media....Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest....would someday be such a huge thing in our lives?

In many ways, I think the World might be smaller now.  I can log on to Facebook and talk to friends all over the World.  With a few clicks I can find large communities of people who can relate to me over just about anything.  I can have a blog that people in the United Kingdom and Australia read.  The "6 Degrees of Separation" was reduced to 4.74 degrees in 2011 (according to Wikipedia, of course)...judging by the fact that Margaret Cho follows me on Twitter, I'm pretty sure it is less now.  I can see who is "Friends" with my "Friends" in a mere click.  I can know what is going on in the lives of people I haven't seen in over a decade.  I can have relationships with relatives I always wanted to be closer to but was never given the chance.  I can see and know the people and things that are important to people I love.  Some days, it feels like everything is at my fingertips.

At the same time, however...I realize that nothing is all good.  Social Media comes with it's own unique set of problems.  Sometimes, the walls to the rest of the World that are removed by Social Media turn out to be completely necessary and sorely missed.  We all know those people who use various forms of Social Media to poison our lives and to spew their hurt, hate, pain, drama, insanity and word vomit seemingly into our living rooms.  And with the invention of the laptop, tablet and smart phone...into our bathrooms while we shit, our bedrooms and even right into our beds.  It is now borderline absolutely impossible to give up, shut it all down and change who you are if you embrace Social Media unless you change your name, relocate and never communicate with anyone from your past ever again.  Isn't that kind of sad in a way?  That if you are unhappy with yourself, you can't reinvent or change and start over?  That by making a few clicks and seeing your "Mutual Friends" that someone can find out about you through the eyes of some person who knew you once upon a time?

While things like Facebook and Twitter are pushing us forward into an age where we can experience the World from whatever warm, comfy place we want, at the same time....we're standing still. 

Interesting sentiments from someone who just talked about experiencing personal growth here every week but in spite of all the wonderful things I can't help but notice all the ways my life stands still because of Social Media and wonder if it isn't holding me behind somewhere.

Every morning I wake up and check to see what I've missed since I went to bed.  I lay there to check and see what might have happened between 1 a.m and 7 a.m when the alarms finally roused me.  Nothing happens at those hours, yet every morning I check before I even rub the crud out of the corners.  It continues through the rest of the day.

I check Facebook while I poop.

I tweet from my bathtub. 

I blog from my bed.

I recently watched a documentary about food and how the Food Industry is poisoning us by specifically creating food that is addictive through the use of salt, sugar and fat but is for the most part nutritionally void.  I realize now...Social Media is Fast Food for your brain.  Seriously.  Everyone loves the happy stories and baby pictures and cute movies...they're like Sugar.  The drama, the pain, the mysterious angry Vaguebooking...Salt.  And the fat?  Lordy....Candy Crush Saga.  And the Sex....oh, the Sex is Sex and there is no way around it.  Is there any Nutritional Value?  Doesn't seem like it...more bullshit gets passed around than actual information.

And my confession?  I'm so hooked on this shit it hurts and I think it is poisoning me.

It is not that I think Social Media isn't wonderful.  I do.  I've been given a great many things via Social Media.  It has brought me wonderful friends, relationships, and brought family closer.  Social Media has saved my life a time or two late at night when my head was in a bad place and I needed someone to talk to.  Social Media has been a great part of making my dream of writing a reality.  Social Media makes it easy for someone with Social Anxiety to actually be Social even if it is through a screen.  But the rest of it?  I'm starting to wonder if it is worth it. 

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  1. Great post!

    I think that social media is so addictive because we are human. Humans crave social interaction and we live in an antisocial world. With social media we can strip off the labels that society has given us and be who we want to be. We can meet new people without having to worry about awkwardness. Like anything, there can be too much of a good thing. It is all about balance.

    I am grateful for social media. Because of it, I found you!

  2. My iDevice has become part of my hand...I love this post so hard!