Monday, January 6, 2014

Anonymous Confessions: Resolution/Regret

Welcomes to Anonymous Confessions this week!  My apologies, but unfortunately I decided not to post 2 of this week's submissions on account of length.  I'll include them in this post today.  As always...Anonymous Confessions are BLACK and mine are PURPLE.

"Resolutions/sometimesRegrets/neverI think they contradict each otherNot a path for meJust keep moving forwardNot look backand
See what life offers me..."
"Resolutions: to be the best me as possible. And if that means pissing off the other adult members of my family who are used to me going along with them and what they want just to keep the peace, too fucking bad.Regret: I regret not making a clean break from my husband 5 yrs ago when I left instead of waiting and now trying to figure out the best way to get divorced without completely upsetting my 9 yr old's world."
"Regret ...or not.
I have four kids-23, 19, 4 and 20 months. The youngest were my 19 yo's children. Adoption was final in March. It's been a rough few years and now "K" is with a nice guy; they have a 7 month old little boy together and she seems to be doing great. My possible regret: I find myself distancing her from us. My 4 yo, "A" knows who she is and can remember her living with us and when she was pregnant with her son she told the 4 yo, "Well, you and "L" came from my tummy too". That really kinda pissed me off. What must "A", the 4 yo think? I just can't understand the choices she has made and I am finally so sick of it all. I didn't have them down for Christmas or Thanksgiving. Her "fiancé " is nice but not working, and neither of them has for months His mom paid their rent and bills. Now, she is working part time and he does nothing. I just really can't take her at the moment and I feel guilty. Also, I am now taking care of my mom who had four strokes in the last six months, had to quit an awesome job to take care of her and all that along with "K" and her bad choices I simply can't deal with."
"My biggest regret is the death of my young daughter in 2004. We lost her in a house fire. I woke up to our house in flames. Her room was already engulfed. My husband and I could not save her. As I stood outside our burning house, watching my husband clawing at her wall trying to get inside to her, I felt a feeling come over me. I knew she was gone. I just knew it. I wanted to die. How could the world continue on when mine had just ended? I was utterly lost. My husband and I divorced and I was left on my own. I didn't care Nothing mattered. Many, many years passed before I finally forgave myself. I just had to come to terms with the fact that I did not wake up sooner, as I spent so many years hating myself for not doing. I did not want her memory to be one of sadness. I wanted to only smile when I thought of her. So I resolved to do that. And now I do. Every single time she crosses my mind."

 "My resolution is to have more of a backbone! I feel like everyone in my house walks all over me, and I have no support, but like everyone else I suck it up and do my day to day... But in the process I've started to resent my husband. So I will be more vocal with my feelings, even if it means I will ruffle some feathers... I'm tired of feeling irrelevant!"

"This year I will not resent the dogs for making me bring them outside to pee in -10 degree weather. (They are so selfish)"

Resolution: I will not be angry at my boobs for continuing to grow. There are women in suburbia who pay for tits this big.

"My goal? Become Queen Sloth in Gluttonville."

"I regret that I will never be a stay at home parent but I will make the best of my time with my daughter"

"I am going to eat better this year...right after I'm done with these ham and eggs with honey mustard. (SO GOOOOOOD!!!)"

"No matter how many times I resolve to be tougher, I always get my feelings hurt around my husband's family"

Thanks for reading!  You can find my Sunday Confessions HERE  as well as links to the other awesome people who participated this week.  Thank you for trusting me with your confessions and I'll see you next week. 

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