Monday, January 13, 2014

Anonymous Confessions: Things I do in the Shower

Well, let's talk about yesterday. It was INSANE! While I've gotten lots of support from the blogging community, it's been hard for the Facebook Pages to contribute because they do not have a blog and Facebook is making it increasingly hard for Pages and Bloggers alike to share content. So earlier in the week I announced a new feature to Sunday Confessions: Page Confessions! Now, Pages can submit their confessions as well! Here's what happened yesterday, anonymous confessions are BLACK, mine are PURPLE, and page confessions will contain a link!

"When my leg hair is super long & I finally shave it, instead of donating it to locks of love, I tap out my razor on the shower wall and write little messages or smiley faces in the hair for my husband to see when he takes a shower." - Yarn Tangled Yoga to the Rescue.

"I don't 'polish the pearl' in the shower because I'm afraid I'll fall and die. Also, I don't actually call it that, it just seemed fitting."

"I have an exact schedule that absolutely *must* be adhered to: shampoo, conditioner, then face and body while the conditioner soaks in, then rinse head to toe.

"If for some reason I decide to get jazzy and go out of order, I will end up leaving the shower with conditioner still in my hair, or having only used conditioner and no shampoo, or with just one leg shaved... Or worse, I will just be standing there in the shower, completely confused and disoriented, for all eternity. Oh, and I sing Leanne Rhymes 'How Do I Live'." - Still Smihlen

"Other than drinking a cold beer in the glorious safety of the shower, I will clean the walls, I have a spray bottle of diluted dawn that works great on soap scum, combine soaps that are running low (always the same sent/brand) and well masturbate cause, DUH! it's a hand held massage shower head!"

"Scary movies have caused me to believe that someone will probably murder me while I'm in the shower. So every time I take one, I'm constantly peeking outside the curtain at every little noise. And god forbid I ever see a shadow outlined in the shower curtain. I'll have a stroke right then and there." - The Shy Poet

"Sunday Confessions are the brain child of More than Cheese and Beer. Love love love this lady. This week's confession prompt is: What I do in the Shower. If you would like to have your confessions posted anonymously just send her a message!I have nothing super confession-y to post.
I shower at break-necking speed.I wash from the top down, always.I sing mostly every time, super loud.
And if I'm feeling feisty I'll shave. Otherwise, it's winter and ain't nobody got time fer dat.
See.....boring. Tell me yours" - Flaws and All

"My shower is evidence that I am a #productwhore. At my worst, 6 shampoos and 11 conditioners plus countless soaps and body products."

"So I've decided to throw my hat in the ring and make a Sunday Confession! It's More than Cheese and Beer's baby so go check her out and all the other wonderful confessions on her page! Today's theme is things done in the shower.Shower time is not all that exciting for me most of the time...hell I don't get one every day...or even every other day. (yes I know I get to be a stanky mess sometimes but when I'm home all the time some days I just don't give a shit) It's tough to make time for me before the kids get to bed, I don't like to shower at night because I hate getting in bed with wet hair and I'm hopeless with a hairdryer.Anyways back to the confession part...last week I put a grown up drink (vodka) in my water bottle and took it in the shower with me. It. Was. Heaven. I'm a lightweight and I think the heat of the water made it hit me faster, but it was the most relaxing shower ever.
I may not make it a habit...but it will happen again!" - Mommy is a little Knotty

"Sometimes I shower in the middle of the night. Just so I can do it without any busting in on me or crying for attention."

"I got a huge grin on my face for this one No, but seriously ,anonymous admin confession.We used to have unlimited hot water. I would shower for 30 mins jus to hide from the little shits. Sometimes not even washing my hair: Oops" - Oops, I can't post this on my page

"I told my husband while we were dating I don't sing in the shower. I may be a BIG liar."

"Not proud, but me and my big ass dog get in the shower together. I sing at the top of my lungs and she howls along with me. I do this to irritate my neighbor who's bedroom wall is connected to my bathroom. We are in a bit of a feud. I know its juvenile, but then again so am I. I will actually stay in there 20 to 30 minutes. A little bit of this and that. My fave is Salt and Peppa "Shoop". On Sundays, I bring out the gospel cuz that is when she is getting ready for church. Good Lord I need help. Like I said...not proud."

 "I used to love sexy showers-you know, getting dirty while you get clean. My ex ruined it for me. It was rarely ever "sexy" because apparently, he didn't grasp the concept. And quite frankly, he only came in so I would wash his back and so he could trap me in a small confined space and fart. Yeah. I just said that."

"I peed in the shower before Madonna claimed it helped with Athlete's Foot. And, FYI, I've never had a problem"

"When I'm in the shower, I go over in my mind recent arguments.....but in the shower version I think of all the good things to say, and they all come out exactly the right way, like a boss!! And I always win the argument hands down. Then the shower ends and I'm no closer to winning any arguments than I was when I went into the shower. Lol"

"I never would have confessed to peeing in the shower, if Liz Lemon/Tina Fey hadn't already done it first. Now, it's a time-saving life hack. And some people (and by that I mean I read it on the internet) swear it prevents athlete's foot...." - Mommy Needs Wine, Not Whine
-Not going to lie, it IS a time-saving life hack and anyone who says they haven't (even just to see how they feel about doing it) is a liar! Also...this is not something you do when showering with another person. Don't Ask. Just....don't."

"A friend just shared some bathtub art she did in the Shower. I think I want some of those tub crayon thingies because I need more to do in the Shower. Lol"

"In the shower I: SingPrayCryScreamAnalyzeSing some moreDe-squatchify. Occasionally.Make sweet,sweet lovin' to the detachable shower head. "

"What I do in the shower: give my butt pucker a really good scratch/washing. Seriously. You can't tell me you've never done that. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

"Reading about the people who pee in the shower, it reminded me of my ex. He would get so turned on by the golden shower ~ yes he loved to pee on me!" - The Pink Polka Dotted Unicorn

If you want to read my confession about Things I do in the Shower, you can find it HERE.  Thanks for reading!  See you next Sunday! 

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  1. Bath crayons = Shower Twister. You're welcome.

    Great confessions!