Friday, January 24, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Visit

Five Minute Friday

Interesting word.  One that has come up a few times in my life lately.  A couple of thoughts come to mind.  Specifically about a visit I have coming up.  

For the first time in over 3 years, I might get the chance to visit Bonehead.  

It's not that he is that far away from me, only on the other side of the state which is about a four hour drive but we haven't been close the last 3 years, and sometimes not even talking.  Then, combined with my vehicle problems it just ended up that it has been awhile. 

I'm going to be in the area in a few months.  I'm so nervous that it makes me nauseous.  In the last 3 years, I've struggled through a terrible relationship, gotten 3 years older and gained a kindergartner in weight.  I'm terrified.  I know he'll be happy to see me no matter what, but I really hate it when I see someone I haven't seen in years and they change drastically.  Not because there is anything wrong with that but because...well, I hate change and you can really see how someone ages.  I don't necessarily know that I'm like a fine wine and getting better with age. 

Months away and I'm so nervous that it has really helped me eat better, more sensible portions.  So that is good.  I know he'll be happy to see me and thrilled that I'm there.  But even though I know that, I'm still nervous.  Three years is a long time.  


  1. Dropping over from Five MInute Friday. Thanks for sharing. Isn't it interesting how a word like visit can evoke such a wide range of thoughts? From happy to anxious, it's amazing!