Sunday, January 12, 2014

Washin & Wonderin

Welcome!  I'm so excited about this topic and we have lots of new faces this week!  So glad everyone is here!

Sunday Confession prompt:

Growing up, we had an awesome old fashioned, claw foot tubI would crawl in with a Nancy Drew book and lay in there reading for hours until the water turned cold and then I would slide the metal chain between my toes, pull the rubber plug and let out the cold water before plugging it again and turn the faucet back on for more hot water.  

As a teen, I would stretch the phone cord from the kitchen, across the living room to the bathroom and talk to my best friend while taking a hot bath for an hour at a time, and she would be at her house in the bathtub too.  

Showering wasn't so awesome in college or my first apartment.  But then I moved to where I live now where I have a jacuzzi tub.  There are some it can be a nightmare and it is actually set up about 6 inches from the rest of the floor so I keep a stool next to it to get in, but I'm very, very lucky.

When I first moved in I was in that tub at least 3 times a week.  When I couldn't sleep or felt anxious at night, I would go scrub the bathtub.  While my entire house in general was cleaner back then, you could have eaten off my bathtub at any given time. 

I am a water baby.  When given the chance, I will stay in the hot water until it turns freezing cold.  I will read in the bathtub. I will drink and post to Facebook and sing obnoxiously from the tub.  I have fallen asleep in the bathtub. 

I use the shower to wake up in the morning.  My ex used to try and tell me that I needed to be clean when I went to bed.  If this were for a sexy reason, I could see it.  In reality, he was just the kind of person who never washed the sheets when left to his own devices so going to bed clean made sense.  I tried a few times and woke up with scuzzy, greasy hair and didn't really open my eyes until noon.  People need to mind their own business....don't tell me when to shower. 

In even my most depressive states, I will not stop showering.  When I have a bad day or when I feel there is a life change coming, you can find me in the shower exfoliating...something about scrubbing away the day or whatever is bothering  me is so therapeutic.  A break up?  Cue a hair color change and scrubbing off a few layers of skin to bring out the "new" me. 

What do I do in the shower?  What don't I do is the more appropriate question.

I've eaten sweets and desserts, ate chocolate and drank wine from the tub. 

I sing in the shower sometimes. 

I love listening to Pandora radio while I bee-bop around.  No...I do not use any bottles as a microphone. 

I never bend over and really wash the bottom of my feet, but I do pumice them so it doesn't matter, right?

You can find evidence that I am a product whore in my bathroom.  At my worst...6 shampoos and 11 conditioners.  I've mostly changed my ways.  Mostly.  Currently there is one Shampoo and one Conditioner.  But...there are 3 body washes in different scents, at least 3 different facial cleansers, 2 scrubs (one for face, one for hands) and of course, I have 2 scrubbers-one for face and one for body.  And maybe one of my nephew's bath toys. 

I used to believe in sexy showers.  My ex ruined that for me.  I don't think I feel the need to shower with someone else ever again.  Sometimes when I climb in my shower, I feel like it triggers me in some strange PTSD.  He turned a sexy, indulge-able fantasy into a nightmare. 

I hate shaving my legs. 

I hate crying in the shower so I don't unless it is the only place I can get away to. 

I think it is funny when the cat comes and peeps at me.  

Sometimes I clean the walls of the shower while I'm standing in there. know, I'm already there. 

Every once in awhile, I get this bright idea that I should put something in my hair.  Like...rinse with beer or vinegar, or that really stupid time I decided to put a mashed banana mask in.  I always end up drinking the beer because who wants to dump cold beer on their head.  Vinegar stinks for days.  And the bananas....just don't do it.  Just. Don't. 

Sometimes, I turn off my phone and use my shower as an excuse at to why I didn't call answer my phone. 

And that, is what I've been doing in the shower.  What have YOU been doing? 

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