Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What About Cheese

We have SO many new people!  I'm so glad to see all the shiny new faces!  So here I am to answer your questions about me and maybe toss in some random facts as well!

The Basics:
I am 27, soon to be 28 and I'll give you a mailing address if you really want to send me a birthday card.

When I say "Midwest", I mean I come from the land of Cheese and Beer....WISCONSIN.

Spirituality: I believe in something higher than myself.  What it is, I'm unsure of right now.

Shoe Size: 10W. Seriously.

I am currently single and never interested in dating again (even though Facebook thinks I should).

I am a Childless Wonder and you can read about my challenges with it HERE.

I work full time.  I wish I could say I had a cool job or I did something really awesome or inspiring, but I don't.  The first time I went to college I didn't know what I wanted to do and I felt like I was wasting time and I wanted to take some time to find out what I didn't want to do.  Like, process of elimination or something which totally made sense at the time.  Well, the answer is: I don't want to work, but now I can't afford not to.  Let that be a lesson to your kids who want to take a year off to figure out life.  Just don't do it.  Fucking stay in school.  Find that job that makes you feel like you're not really working.  I've been to college three times and I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.  I'm going to be a Toy R Us Kid forever (I'm just kidding, we couldn't afford it growing up and I can't afford it now).

My entire life is a hobby; I know this because I'm good at a lot of things and I make absolutely zero money from them.  Obviously, the MTCB blog and writing in general.  I also cook and bake (you've all seen my cupcakes, right?).  I make jewelry.  I weave dream catchers.  I believe in trying new things so in many ways the pursuit of that is a hobby for me.  I dabble in nail art.  I enjoy reading, mostly fiction.  I also enjoy overpriced coffee and cheap red wine.  And glitter...I am a glitter whore.

I started blogging on a few years ago because I was learning so many things, and I kept seeing people asking the same questions on the chat forum over and over again.  After awhile, I wanted to be able to share what I had learned there with others.  I started a blog.  I was incredibly unhappy with it.  I restarted....decided I wanted to write about more than being on a diet and sucking at it and here we are.

The name...I originally wanted something along the lines of "The Kitchen Witch" or "Midwest Kitchen Witch".  But damn, that's a popular name.  When I started "More Than Cheese and Beer" the goal was to explore my inner growing Foodie, share the blogs I had written that were informational and move past the stereotype that cooking in the Midwest is just about Cheese and Beer (and a lot of it is).  I never intended to talk about MYSELF.  I never intended to get "real",  it just happened.  When I started reading the other blogs out there and I started seeing that there were people out there who would support me just for being me and I started to feel stifled by the restraints I had put on myself and the restrictions of being "non-offensive", I started writing about more than food and More Than Cheese and Beer REALLY became MORE.

So now...we do Sunday Confessions on Sundays.  Which I love doing.  Fridays I try to participate in some kind of swap (I'll be participating in my first subject swap soon and I'm very excited).

If I could have one super power what would it be?  I've been asked this question before and I never have a good answer.  

Where does the passion come from?  It depends which passion we're talking about.  The passion for food?  I like to eat and I like to feed the people I love.  For trying new things?  I was once a very fear-based person and I didn't do things because I was afraid to.  Then one day I realized that I don't remember a life before this one and that I am not ever going to be any younger than I am today.  There is so much to see, do, taste, smell, and experience in life.  And the passion for writing?  I'm not sure.  When I was a kid, I had a little Lisa Frank diary that I wrote all of my 8 year old drama in, it might have been that.  Later, I edited the newspaper in high school and I loved it.

Theme song: I don't have one.  My life has a fricken box set soundtrack.  What's on that?

And about a hundred other things including Hanson, Sublime, Goo Goo Dolls, Garth Brooks, Nelly, Rascal Flatts...even if just because they take me back to a time and place.  

#1 pick up line: Ummm....ok, I can't believe I'm about to tell this story. So, this  one time I was interested in this guy and he always brought out his friend with him.  His friend was ok, but always kind of gave me shit and I always gave it back.  One night we were sitting at the bar and he had said something smart to me and I had fired back at him, and he looked at me and was like, "Oh my god, you're just like Roseanne Bahr!".

Wait. What? All I could say was, "Ummm, is that a fat joke?"

And he then he looked and me and said something I will never forget.  He looked at me and said, "No. You don't understand.  Roseanne Bahr is like, my dream woman and you're just like her."

I told my favorite cousin's son that story once.  He just sat there for a second,  And then agreed with the guy.

Looking back, I was raised on "Roseanne".  I've heard it numerous times throughout the years.  I'm mostly ok with it now.  I kind of think I should have given that guy a chance.

Mafia Name: According to, Rita Hankypants.  I kinda like it.

Past Lives: I honestly have no idea.  None.  I should look into it.

Favorite Position: Hahaha...wouldn't you like to know?

Song you sing in the shower: I turn on Pandora and sing along to whatever plays.  Lately?  I'm really into the early 2000's hip hop/rap

Favorite Drinks: Apothic Red Wine.  Vodka.  Peach Schnapps.  Coffee.

Favorite Actor to fantasize humping: Kevin Smith.  Yeah.  Silent Bob.  I like him thick.  I like him thin.  I like him in the 90's.  I like him now.  Oh...oh the obscene things I want to do to that man.  You want to talk about favorite positions?  Whatever Kevin Smith wants.  WHATEVER.

And....Charlie Hunnam.   *drool*

Do you believe in ghosts? Of course I do.

If you were stuck for a week on an island who would you have with you and would you be stuck on Ireland or New Zealand?  I'm a little confused about this question.  But...Ireland, and hopefully a bunch of Irish people, especially some sexy Irish men.

Do you Like having a Facebook page?  Honestly, I was nervous at first.  Terrified really.  I was so afraid I would encounter trolls and rude people.  And I haven't yet.  I've met some really great fellow bloggers and there are some really great people who actually read my blog and follow me on social media and interact with me on a regular basis.  Having people who can understand where you're coming from is an amazing feeling.

Random Facts about Me:

I don't like condiments.  As a general rule you won't find me eating mayo, Miracle Whip, dressing, vinaigrette, ketchup, mustard, pickle relish, etc.  BUT I love Ranch Dressing and will eat it with just about everything.

I don't have a favorite movie.  But some of my favorites include: Dogma, Mafia, Gone with the Wind, She-Devil, Death Becomes Her, The Craft, Practical Magic, Dirty Love, American History X and a bunch I must be forgetting.

I have a 'thing' for advice columns.  I read "The Advice Goddess" by Amy Alkon, and "Dear Prudence" by Emily Yoffee (among others) all the time.

There are 5 critters at my house; 2 cats, 2 guinea pigs and 1 fish.  Does a fish count as a critter?

I love cheese curds the most.  But...cream cheese, cheddar cheese, brie and capriko also light up my life.

I hate putting things away.  I'll scrub all day but don't ask me to put anything away.

I currently have 7 piercings (not including lobes/cartilage) and 2 tattoos.

I believe in aliens because I think it is ignorant to believe we're the only intelligent life in the universe.

Taco Bell.  Taco Hell.  It is my "Self-Loathing Food" aka "where you can find me if I'm bingeing" and probably my favorite fast food place ever.

I'm not a morning person.

I'm super pissed that I'm slowly losing what little ability I had to speak French.


  1. Thanks for the intro, bummed about the lack of favorite position :p

  2. want to know the truth? I couldn't find the name for it. :)