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Anonymous Confessions: Insecurities

Yesterday, I made an embarrassing confession.  It got more attention than anything I've ever posted.  I'm still not sure how I feel about that.  But I'm glad everyone wanted to read about my awful experience.  If you missed it, you can read my Sunday Confession about Insecurities here.

There have been lots of changes around here lately.  I've added a Link Up to the bottom of posts so that bloggers who participate can share their posts.  If you visit my confession, please check them out.

Facebook is still making it increasingly hard for Pages and Bloggers alike to share content, sadly.  So, we are still sharing page confessions.  Now, Pages can submit their confessions as well! Here's what happened yesterday, anonymous confessions are BLACK, mine are PURPLE, and page confessions will contain a link!


"Where do I start...I have a lot. Insecure about my weight, my looks, my job performance, my parenting skills, and my communication skills! Those are just a few. Sometimes they get so bad that I take meds for them. Sometimes to hide them...I'm goofy and funny. I know I let this happen to me and only I can fix it."

"I have horrible insecurities. I hate talking about them because it lets people in on how I look at myself. I guess either way I'm committed to doing this so.....
I think that no matter how well I am doing, I'm not good enough to be loved. Nobody is ever going to love me the way that I need it because I can't open up and tell them the way that I need to be loved. 
If I'm not getting sex on a regular basis I feel as if a relationship is falling apart. I was abused when I was younger and I have been told that I see it as a form of affection. 
I'm over weight and every day I go through thinking that I'm never going to be pretty enough to anyone. I'm always going to be that fat girl people make fun of. 
I worry that I'm not a good enough mother to my kids. I became a mom when I was 16 so I'm still figuring this out as I go and what if I'm not doing it right? Anyone that criticizes me about my parenting hurts my feelings more than anything because I am just learning. 
I wonder if it would be easier to list the things that I am not insecure about? 
I'm very selfless but is that enough? Is it enough to have people care about me and need me the way that I need them? I will be working on some more to add to this but for right now I think this is a good start. " - Mama's Daily Dose of Crazy

"I'm very insecure about the way my stomach looks after I had my daughter..It looks like I have an 80 year old stomach and I'm only 21."

"Many years ago, my list of insecurites was simply too long to list. I was insecure about everything. My looks, my Southern accent, my body figure, and the list goes on. As I grew older, I realized something. The people that loved me did not care about those things. They love me for me. And now, so do I." - The Shy Poet

"Whenever I am feeling intimidated, or feel like I've done something stupid I feel like the fat person I used to be. I've lost 90lbs, I feel good. I want to lose more but I feel pretty good. But when something happens to make me doubt myself I feel like that fat girl again. I didn't realize I felt differently then but I guess I did."

"My insecurities:
Being needy.
Getting old and getting needy.
Not being acknowledged.
Becoming invisible.
So, if anyone comes into the pharmacy and they try to play me with either tears or being feeble, I have instant disdain. I am usually 99% correct if I sense they are playing me, because that is EXACTLY how I would do it."

"Believe it or not, I'm insecure about a lot. I doubt my capabilities as a mother some days. I'm insecure about relationships in general. I'm single by choice, because quite frankly I'd rather not be insecure about it after two failed marriages. Most of all, I'm insecure about my weight. I'll be starting a long journey soon regarding that exact issue, I do hope you'll stay tuned and follow me through it! In the process, I hope to inspire you to make yourself a better you, no matter what that insecurity is...all while I'm learning to rise above mine." - Ramblings of a Wined Out Mama

"I always check the browser history after my husband has been home alone (and his phone occasionally) for porn. I've been cheated on in the past and can't get over my fear that he's looking at porn or trying to hook up with someone because I'm unattractive/not good enough because I'm unhappy with myself, even though he's convinced he is the lucky one that I'd be with him."

"My insecurity is giving blowjobs. I have been told over & over how amazing I am at it (don't be a hater), but when a guy doesn't cum from it, I feel very insecure about myself." - The Pink Polka Dotted Unicorn

"Looks. Yep, went with that. Its not as quite as shallow as it reads. Yes, have to dye my hair a bit more often. Yes, magnifying mirrors and bright lights might not be my friends as much anymore. Might even be spending a few more bucks on moisturizers. But after being divorced a little over a year I would like to find some companionship. My age bracket does not seem to be the marketable age I am accustomed to. Hair flip and a giggle is not going to quite cut it. Of course, not as much hair as I had over 20 years ago. While I still giggle, one has to actually be funny. Let's not forget technology. Back in my younger days we actually spoke. But underneath it all...maybe it is just me. That is my biggest insecurity. All the other stuff is quite fixable. Except my ass. Unless I get implants and that ain't happening. What if I am too boring? Not smart enough? Not caring enough? The things I question about myself some nights seem endless. And that is my biggest insecurity...maybe its just me."

"My insecurity is that whether people know or not, that I'll always be stigmatized and alienated because I'm bipolar. I takes meds, but I'm still always gonna be kinda different. That's what makes me unique, me! It takes a lotta lady nuts to say that and even more to survive. Just sayin."

"Mothering. Is there any woman that is a momma that at one point or another hasn't felt insecure? To top it off: I'm a single momma. Am I too strict? Do I not discipline enough? Am I raising a man? God, I sure hope so.

His dad isn't great. He wasn't a great husband and unfortunately, he's not a great father. I worry about that a lot. I'm insecure about him not having a male figure in his life. Do I just cut him out of his life? Will he hate me for that when he's older? Insecure, insecure... Insecure."

I'm totally insecure about my housekeeping. I'm a terrible housekeeper and my dishwasher never gets everything off, which makes me look like an ass. - More than Cheese and Beer

"Like 95.6% of the women out there I am completely insecure about my weight. It doesn't matter if I weigh 120 lbs and look like a stick or 190 lbs I feel fat. I have huge hips and thighs. I coughed 5 babies out without any trouble. So as a teen and young adult I was told what great legs I had all I seen was size 10 jeans. Hubby says what a great ass I got, what I see is a scale at 160. I'm working on not caring, but it's a life learned trait. You are skinnier and prettier than I and I hate it" - Oops I can't post this on my page

"I'm insecure about my boobs, I developed pretty much overnight and wound up having to have a breast reduction when i was 18. Before the surgery bra shopping was horrible. I had to go to a specialty shop and was told on several occasions I was bigger than Dolly Parton. My grandmothers 90 year old neighbor asked me if they where real. I was 16 and she wanted to touch lol. I was mortified and my mom and aunt thought it was funny. After the surgery I busted a stitch at school. I had to tell the school secretary I needed to go home because my boob was bleeding. Then it was just open for weeks and I had to get a skin graft. Now I have a huge scar years later and all I wanted to do was be able to go to a normal bra shop. A teacher at school supported me before the surgery, after class she showed me her scars from her surgery, and a lady at church showed me hers too. Do you know what it feels like just to want you're clothes to fit right but your boobs are too big?"

"I guess a big important insecurity is my health and the future. I had thyroid cancer 6 years ago and had 2 surgeries to remove the baseball sized tumor and all of my thyroid. Well back in November during my every 6 month check up ultrasound on my neck they found a suspicious spot. In December I had a biopsy and the results were inconclusive. They don't know if it's a new tumor or just left over thyroid tissue from the surgeries. So in February I have to go for another test. This time it's a radioactive iodine light up scan. To make the suspicious spot glow so they can see if it's a tumor that requires surgery or not. For the rest of my life now I'm going to be very insecure about my health wondering and worrying all the time if I'm going to get cancer again and if it will kill me the next time around. I need to live so I can raise my 5 kids. I don't want to leave them momless and broken hearted for their entire lives." - Your Butt's Crackin'

I don't have an outgoing voicemail message because I can't stand the sound of my own voice recorded on anything! And I hate talking on the phone too! -More Than Cheese and Beer

"My biggest insecurity is thinking I'm not good enough for my family. I have good days and bad days. and sometimes the bad outweigh the good. I know I'm a badass and I'm the coolest mom and hottest girlfriend ever, (maybe thats not entirely true, BUT, I dont care) but at the end of the day, my kids are smiling, J is happy and VERY well taken care of, and the house doesn't have me at risk of CPS being called. Its not always easy, but its always worth it. I am the rock of this family, and even if they don't always show it, I know they appreciate me and what I do" - What? No, Not Another Mom Blog

"Ugh! It's probably easier to list what I'm not insecure about.
My body is saggy, baggy, squishy, icky from my in-process weight loss(140 lbs to date, 120 to go). Will anyone ever want to see me naked? What if they freak out?
My daughter is clingy and has major anxiety issues. What did I do wrong to make her this way? Her brothers are mega independent so it has to be something I've done wrong.
My current boss adores me(and I adore working for him) but where I work, I can go in tomorrow and find out I was transferred or he was. Or even the head office could decide they don't like what/how I'm doing things, no matter how much my boss adores me.
It's a never ending list. There are days I am almost paralyzed by my insecurities."

Miss out on this week's Sunday Confessions?  It's ok.  We do this every week!  I post the topic on Wednesdays and we post on Sunday!

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