Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Anonymous Confessions: Ageing

Welcome to Sunday Confessions!  The topic this week: Ageing.  See my post and the posts of the wonderful bloggers who joined me here. Facebook is still making it increasingly hard for Pages and Bloggers alike to share content, sadly.  So be sure to follow me on other forms of Social Media to get all of the information!  We are still sharing page confessions.  Here's what happened yesterday, anonymous confessions are BLACK, mine are PURPLE, and page confessions will contain a link!

I probably won't notice when I go grey because I dye my hair so much. I grew it out in college, but...I haven't seen my natural hair color in years. My Driver's License should have a color wheel -More than Cheese and Beer

"Instead of going grey with dignity, I have been bleaching for months. I sometimes wonder if its too Targaryen" - Sweet Moe and Co

I've wanted Botox since I was like...12. - More than Cheese and Beer

"I have been 21 for the last 7 birthdays. Some days I forget how old I actually am" - Sweet Moe and Co

I'm only 25 but in my years, I've had it good and bad. Being a teen mom is stressful even at the age of 25. I'm still learning and doing this the best that I can. Some days I feel older, some a young woman. Aging is all in how you grow as a person to me. I feel like I've grown as a person but who really knows if that is what happened? - Mama's Daily Dose of Crazy

For about 4 months I told people I was turning 34...I was turning 33 (and I still forget that.) - FBX-Adventures in Parenting

"Just found my first grey armpit hair. So there's that... " - Still Smihlen

"I hit 30 last year, and all of a sudden I am noticing the fine lines, gray hair, etc. I'm not a vain person, but I plan on dyeing my hair (which I said I would not do) and if I had the money, I'd probably get botox!" - Ramblings of a Real Mother

Sometimes, I feel like being overweight makes me look older. -More than Cheese and Beer

I've reached the age after having a child that peeing your pants is normal. I wonder if her pull ups fit..... - Ramblings of a Wined Out Mama

"It is what it is. Creams and dyes will not change it. I am learning that with ageing comes wisdom. That is becoming a wonderful teacher and great companion. Embrace ageing. It can do you no harm."

I asked my nephew what he thought about getting older. He told me, "You sleep more". When I asked him what he meant, he said..."When you get older, you know, you want to sleep more" 
Hahahahaha. Ageing...to a 6 year old. - More Than Cheese and Beer

"Sometimes, I tell people I'm years older than I am so they can go...'OMG! you look fabulous.' I'm all...Yeah, I know"

I love cherry flavored prunes. Like...eat a whole bunch love.#noproblemsinthatdepartment#idontneedalliforthat#enoughallijokes  - More Than Cheese and Beer

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