Friday, February 7, 2014

The Pit & The Peak


- I got wind that the new girl at work is talking about me and trying to tell people things about me (please keep in mind that I have had ONE conversation with her so she doesn't really have anything to say).  I hate being talked about.  I really don't like the new girl.  I've tried so hard to initiate conversations, get to know her, make an effort, assist in her training where appropriate...but I just can't like her.  They say that women like their co-workers based on whether or not they can relate to them, and men like them based on their work ethic....I can't like her on any platform.  Unfortunately, while I feel she brings a certain about of negative energy, I'm also aware that my dislike of her also bring negativity to the workplace. 

- STILL do not have a car.  Next week will be 2 months without a vehicle.  I'm tired of being an inconvenience. I'm tired of having everyone know everything I want or am doing.  I'm tired of having to ask for help.  I could utilize public transportation, but I'm located BETWEEN everything.  It would take me more than 3x as long to get my errands and running done.  I'm really starting to feel bitter. 

- I totally got to swallow some major embarrassment this week.  I'm not comfortable saying more, but I'm so tired of not being as independent and self-sufficient as I'm used to being and like to be and having someone treat me like a 16 year old kid again in mixed company really made me feel awful, and the embarrassment factor only made it worse.

- I ate like crap this week.  I probably gained back the weight I had lost.

- I launched my new monthly link-up, Pet Tails and I've gotten excellent responses. 

- I test drove a vehicle, which is a step up from not doing anything the past few weeks.  

- I'm healthy, for the most part, which is more than a lot of people have going for them.

- I'm still trying to track my food with MyFitnessPal and I've been doing great with that.  I've drank my 8 cups of water every day.  I've logged pretty successfully this week. Which, even if I am going over on my calories...I'm still logging and that counts for something.

I've been walking a lot more.  At least twice as much as I was doing a few weeks ago, even if it is just from walking to the bathroom down the hall or walking an extra lap before returning to work after my break. 

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