Friday, March 14, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Crowd

Five Minute Friday

I've spent a greater portion of my adulthood feeling without people.  Friendships have developed, and dissolved.  Some family relationships have strengthened, others have disintegrated and there is a huge part of me that is ok with not breathing life back into those relationships.

But I'm not really sure what it is like to have people.

I think a lot of it might just be me.  I have a hard time letting people in.  I have a hard time accepting people into my life.  I'm also an introvert...I love people until I don't and then I need time to re-coup.  People take offense to this I'm afraid.

This weekend, I have a friend who is moving under stressful circumstances.  I've asked my friends and family for help and they are coming out of the woodwork for someone they barely know.  I feel really good about it.  It tells me a lot about the quality of people I have around me and it lets me know that I do, in fact, have my own crowd.  They're coming out to help someone I care about just because I asked them to.  That is an awesome, amazing, and loved feeling.

My family.  My friends.  My tribe.  My people.  My crowd.

I really don't know that I could ask for better. 


  1. Your crowd sounds like a wonderful group of people filled with compassion and love.
    You are lucky to have such people as a crowd that you can call friends.

  2. Oh, I hear you! Fellow introvert here. I love your line "I love people until I don't and then I need time to re-coup." That is me! It is nice when we have our own crowd. :)

  3. As I read this post, I found myself relating closely to what you're describing here. I, too, am an introvert. In fact, for some people, it can take years to really get to know me. While I don't like to be perceived as a cold person, for some reason I have a hard time letting people in as well. I have always preferred a small group of friends to a large crowd. Since childhood, I have always had just a couple of close friends, and that has always been enough for me. Something weird happens in your twenties though, and everyone kind of starts their own lives and drifts apart. It seems like I have only two close friends now. Well, 3 if you count my fiance. And other than my fiance, none of those people live close to me anymore. Still, I am very thankful to have those people in my life, despite the fact that we don't see each other very often. Also, Is it just me, or is it increasingly difficult to make friends in your twenties? Maybe not when you're 21, but after college, things start to get really strange in the friendship department, and you feel like the new kid everywhere you go.

    1. OMG YES! I thought it was JUST me. Thank goodness.

  4. It's always wonderful when we help each other!