Friday, March 21, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Joy

Five Minute Friday

Joy.  I've seen the word around, but haven't really felt it or known it in a long time.  I have to it me?  Is there something wrong with me or is that just how it is going to be for awhile?

The past few months have been hard.  The winter and my SAD came at me like a Tsunami and I've been like a toxic sludge, semi-floating at the top and waiting for all of the water to slowly recede back into the sea so I can stop struggling, fighting, straining to keep my head up and breathe.

It hasn't all receded yet.  I'm still up to my neck in salty wetness, but I am touching the ground with my toes.  I can still see monsters lurking in the waters around me, but at least I can see them...which is a nice change from not knowing what is lying in wait underneath me in the murky depths.

Spring in coming.  I see the light at the end of the tunnel.  The water is receding. 

As hard as I've struggled the past few months, I can feel joy knowing that perhaps having to swim so hard in water so deep was meant to wash away the toxic sludge, and it will wash out to sea as the water returns.    I can feel joy in the sunshine on my face.  I can feel joy in the warm air.  I can feel joy in flip flops.  

I'm ready for the sun.  I am ready for joy.

Thank you for joining me for another Five Minute Friday.  That felt awesome.  I'm still looking for bloggers interested in joining me for Sunday Confessions this week.  The topic is Awkward Moments.  And if you have a moment, please check out my new Weekly Link-Up "What If Wednesdays".


  1. I can relate to SAD... when I walked downstairs today and saw the snow (and it's still coming down!) it just did not cause joy! So I'm re-framing, of course. You must be from Wisconsin? I used to live in Michigan - SAD is sadly predominant in those Great Lake states. I wish you a joy-filled day :)

  2. Sorry your dealing with SAD. I can relate. Also, I am so tired of the weather lately. One minute, it's beautiful and sunny. The next minute, it's cloudy and snowing. Seriously, what the hell?