Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday Confessions: Celebrate


Today's Sunday Confession prompt:

Friday was my 28th Birthday.  I took the day off like I do every year.  I like being able to sleep in.  I like doing whatever I want to do with my day and going wherever it leads me. 

And so I celebrated in all the best ways I know how.  

I received more Birthday wishes from everyone who follows me on Facebook then I can count - which surprised and thrilled me beyond belief! 

I bought myself a new pair of jeans and a new sweater.  I love new pairs of jeans.

I did lunch with my Mom and my Brother at one of my favorite lunch destinations that I don't get to go to very often because they only do lunch on weekdays and I don't often get days off during the week.  Then, my mom and I went to a few stores in the area. 

I checked my mail.  Bonehead always sends the best birthday cards, and this year was no exception.  I like getting mail.  It's nice. 

Then I went and got a pedicure.  I've only had two other pedicures in my life and didn't particularly enjoy either one.  I was considerably nervous considering what has happened to me in the past.  Plus, my nail tech was this cute kid who didn't look much older than my little brother.  Then I got a manicure.  It was a new salon and I regret not going sooner.  So wonderful.

Then, dressed and got ready for family dinner.  My mom made one of my favorite foods and chocolate cake.  My nephew bought be a pretty ring.  Then I met up with friends and my sister and we hit downtown.

There were drinks.  There were laughs.  There were pretty drinks, unusual shots (I drank an Al Bundy, which appeared to be Bacardi 151, Patron and Tabasco), and being hit on by incredibly intoxicated men.  It was a wonderful time.  

My Sunday Confession?  I don't understand big parties and celebrations.  Normally, I like to do just a little something at home.  But I have to say, going out with a group of friends and family last night felt really awesome.  I haven't done anything like that in years.  I can barely remember the last time I went out.  
For the most part, I had the most wonderful birthday.  I got to do all of the little things I enjoy in life.  I got to see people I love.  I got to go out and have drinks.  I got to laugh.  I got to try new things.

It was a wonderful celebration.


  1. Yay!!! I LOVE that you had an amazing birthday. You deserve it an SO MUCH MORE!! I adore you Hot Ash. XOXO

  2. Happy birthday, fellow Pisces! Glad you had a relaxing birthday :-)