Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday Confessions: Little


Today's Sunday Confession prompt:

This weekend, my little brother celebrated a milestone birthday.  

I can't really call him my little brother anymore.  I mean, I outweigh him still. But he outgrew me a long time ago.  He is taller than I am.  He is smarter than I am.  He is now more educated than I am.  He is naturally funnier.  I am a little bit in awe of my little brother.  I think he's awesome and I'm so proud of him.  Standing next to him sometimes, I feel little in just about every way.  He is so many awesome things and better at so many things than I am, sometimes it is hard not to be a little bit jealous and feel a little bit surpassed in a way.

In the past few years, we spend our time together going out to eat at his favorite restaurants.  He's always good for pizza and a zombie movie.  The first time I saw Zombieland was with him.  We watched all of the Resident Evil movies together with pizza and pringles.  He's pretty awesome just to hang out with.

But sometimes, I remember how cool he was when he was little, back in the days when he was just a wee toddling lad and my sister and I would steal him away to our rooms to giggle and cuddle late into the night.  When I was a teenager, he was well-trained to know to tell me how pretty I looked no matter what I wore.  Later, when I had a job and a car he was spoiled with movies and I would buy him clothes and rude t-shirts.   After I left for college, when I would come home on the weekends we would have Bond Nights.  Mom would leave me to watch him and we would order pizza, make popcorn and watch James Bond movies on ABC.

We still have good times.  Sometimes, though, when I see him growing and changing and becoming the person he is going to be, learning about adulthood and life...sometimes I wish we were little again, giggling into the night or eating pepperoni pizza and watching a movie late into the night.

Happy Birthday, Little Brother.  May all of your birthday wishes and dreams come true.


  1. Aww, that's so sweet. My brother is older than me, and a half brother who lived with his mom most of his life, so I don't have a whole lot of memories growing up with him. I do remember when he'd visit on leave with the Army, we'd take my barbie dolls and baby dolls I was so done playing with and rip their heads off and throw their bodies into the coat closet and scream "Grenade" as we took cover behind the sofa. It was a war zone in that living room. Then as we got older, he taught me how to play basketball and how to properly throw a football (the trick is letting go of the ball when your hand is behind/above your ear, not after).

  2. Very nice. I have an older brother and you get sister and reading your blog brought back fond memories of when we all lived at home. My brother would always have my back and watch over me per say to make sure that I wouldn't go down the wrong path in life. I tried to do the same for my sister when he went away to college. We don't get together nearly as often as iwe would like but that's what happens when we all live in different states!

  3. My little brother turned 13 this year, which is so weird. I still think of him as my baby brother. I also have a little sister that is 15. They make me feel OLD.