Friday, March 7, 2014

The Pit & The Peak 3/7/2014


Here for another Friday of The Pit & The Peak!  Only...this is my "I have the day off because it is my Birthday" Edition!  Yay!

- We were short-staffed in the office all week.  Which isn't really a problem, but can make for a long week.  Especially when there is a problem with an 800 number for benefits line, the pension people sent out a letter to a bunch of retirees and they're all calling in and being transferred to us by the system.  Also, I cannot for the life of my figure out who calls an 800 number and doesn't listen to the prompts and push the buttons.  I'm blown away.

- As a result of yelling into the phone the past few days for senior citizens who complain about not being able to hear me, but feel having loud music/television in the background while trying to make a phone is a good idea...I'm a touch hoarse. 

- Tax money is coming back soon, but I have a lot of things I HAVE to pay for before I can enjoy spending money on things I WANT to pay for.  I hate that.  

- I still have a lot of sucky bills to pay off. 

- It is now Friday, I was supposed to clean my house for this weekend so I didn't clean on my birthday and the only thing I really cleaned was something gross in the bottom of the refrigerator.  Birthdays as an adult shouldn't involve work or cleaning.

- My friend, who I have been trying to help with a stressful situation got good news this week.  I feel good about that. 

- I recently had a mini falling out with someone I love dearly.  We seem to have made up this week.  I hope.

- I got to talk to Bonehead LOTS this week, which always helps me.  AND...I got another wonderful birthday card from him.  He sends me the best birthday cards. 

- I have plans for lunch at one of my favorite places today.  Dinner with my family and friends.  And then I will be going out with my friends and my sisters.  I'm excited and I'm hoping for an awesome night out. 

- Today is my 28th Birthday.  I'm hoping it is a great day and this goes into the books as a birthday I don't cry on. 

- I don't have to work....because it is my birthday.  Yay!

- I won money in a card with scratch off lottery tickets from my coworkers.


  1. Hopefully if tears flow today it is because of being overjoyed. Happy Birthday, you should be rejoicing that you have another year to look forward to.

  2. Happy Birthday Lady! Make sure to enjoy it :)

  3. Happy Birthday! And yay for having the day off and not having to deal with deaf senior citizens trying to use a telephone! I can hardly get myself to clean on other days, let alone my birthday. Why would you do that to yourself? That is just cruel.

  4. Hope you had a wonderful birthday, I just turned 28 too! Let's make it our best year yet :) thanks for linking up with Allie and Me!