Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What If Wednesday: What if I logged off

Welcome to the first What If Wednesday!

Today's Topic:  What If...I logged off?

Remember...only 5-10 minutes of writing.  And....go!


I've been open about my addiction problem with the Internet lately.  And I can't help but wonder all the things I could be doing if I were to just...log off.  

I might miss another enraging post by someone I feel like I can't delete.  I might miss something really fun trending on Twitter, and I LOVE me some hashtags.  I might miss a really funny meme.  

But think of all the things I might actually get done if I logged off Facebook, Twitter, and all other forms of social media or if I were to actually log out of Netflix for a few days...I might actually put on the couch cover I bought for my couch two days ago.  The plan was to vacuum the couch, clean UNDER it, and then put on the new cover.  It's been sitting there on a chair in the kitchen looking at me for two days.  

If I were to log off...I might actually tackle the pile of totally clean laundry sitting in front of my closet where I tossed it all while I was busy multi-tasking, promising myself that I would sit down and fold/hang it all when I lost steam because it would be a great job to sit down and watch a movie and do.  I tell myself that lie a lot.  It never really happens. 

If I were to log off...I might actually catch up on my correspondence.  I actually send physical mail to people.  I try to be one of those people who remembers to send cards in the mail.  

If I were to log house would be cleaner.  I might be forced to go to Yoga instead of lying to myself about how "busy" I am when in reality I'm just busy doing  nothing on Facebook. 

I used to criticize people who would pay to play games that are free, but only up to a certain point like Candy Crush.  But I just realized....holy shit, I'm paying for Facebook every time I give up TIME I could be using to do something that would improve my life.  Entertainment is important, but not at the cost of the life I want.


  1. I like the idea of What if Wednesday. This is pretty cool. Also, funny story...ever since posting my What if Wednesday, my family thinks I have a serious internet problem. Damn it. I need to type up a statement on my blog that says something like, "The words on my blog cannot and will not be used against me."

  2. Love this! Let me know what next week's topic is. I am interested in hanging out on Wednesdays, wondering "what if" with you. ;)