Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tickled Tuesday: My Kitchen Nightmare

Indecisively Blogging

It's Tickled Tuesday with the wonderful Indecisively Blogging!  I love her (seriously) and I'm so glad she started this link-up.  Today's Tickled Tuesday topic is...Cooking Mishaps. 

Have you seen any of the things that have come out of my kitchen?

Some of it is pretty, some of it looks tasty, some of it looks like a pile of shit in my kitchen has seen beautiful successes and great tragedies.  I'm fortunate to not be a horrible cook.  There have been some...not so awesome things that have come out of my kitchen, but nothing downright terrible. 

My Mother's kitchen, where I learned to cook and bake, has seen more mishaps than mine ever has.  Like the time I put in 3x more baking soda than I needed.  Or the time I turned the oven on to 350 and not realizing that the oven was set to "Broil".  Or the time we were making pizza, and I pulled the locking mechanism on her self cleaning oven and then it wouldn't unlock...that was a disaster.  

My Mother's kitchen is where I learned the basics, the how-to and the what nots.  My Mother's kitchen was my test kitchen.  As an adult, I haven't had so many hard times in my kitchen and seem to have learned my lesson for the most part. 

But there have been times something boiled over or I overcooked something.  The time I didn't use tinfoil and it stuck to the pan.   The countless times I've cooked grits and they've overflowed or exploded all over my microwave.  Or the really terrible time I forgot corn in the microwave in the middle of the summer...for days.  For some reason, there is a splatter on my ceiling that I vaguely remember being from chocolate pudding, though I can't remember how or why I would have been doing anything with pudding that would have caused that kind of projectile splatter.  The science projects that have been created in my fridge from meals forgotten or so unloved that no one could bear to eat the leftovers. 

More recently, there was the time I bought cheese I was unfamiliar with and tried to make frosting out of it and was unsuccessful but then couldn't bear to throw it away so I just kept trying, wasting expensive cheese, butter and ingredients on something that was simply never meant to be a dessert.  Or last Halloween, I made broken glass cupcakes and didn't cook the "glass" long enough and it melted into gooey sticky taffy on top of red velvet cupcakes.

I honestly haven't had as many mishaps as one might think.  Truth be told, the biggest disaster my kitchen has had happen to ME!


  1. I am so happy to see that you linked up!

    I think I need to learn some tips from you. I'll be honest. I started reading your blog this year, so I have missed many of your cooking posts from the past. Perhaps I need to catch up on those...I need to learn how to make that cupcake with bacon on it. That is bacon, right? God I hope so.

    Also, I love that you randomly have chocolate pudding stains on your ceiling. Sometimes when I use my Kitchenaid, whatever is in there goes flying about the kitchen because I accidentally hit the "spaz mode" button. I'm pretty sure I've found brownie batter stains on the walls before.

    1. Wanna hear a funny story? There are healthy eating tips in the beginning.

      And yes, that is BACON on top.

      Looking might be brownie batter stains. Either way, they don't come off any more.

  2. Two things I need you to know. #1 - I'd kick a kitten for that bacon cupcake right about now. #2 - I need more information on this cheese/ frosting thing? Mascarpone? A small part of me is dying inside thinking good cheese went to waste. I HEART CHEESE.