Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tickled Tuesday: The Pet Edition

Indecisively Blogging

It's time for Tickled Tuesday with Indecisively Blogging.  This week the topic is ANIMALS.

Oh my goodness.  The things I could say and the stories I could tell you.  

My childhood pup once ate scented crayons and covered our little lawn with rainbow colored poops for 3 days. 

We got our first cat when I was 14 and my sister was 12.  My sister was convinced it was a girl and named it Penelope Spencer Bentley Botswick.  Then, "Penelope" grew little kitty testicles.  His names was then changed to Angus Penelope Spence Bentley Botswick because she wanted to call him "Gus Gus" like on Cinderella.

But he was a rather petite, black cat...and I often called him Angus the Cow Cat.  Angus was probably too little to be separated from his mother.  Unfortunately, being a barn cat, we couldn't be sure.  So he was fed with a dropper for the first few weeks we had him, and he never really learned how to be a cat on account of spending the first year of his life being carried around on ample bosoms, and nesting on chests and around necks every night to sleep.  It's cute when you're dealing with a 6 pound ball of fur, not so much when you're dealing with a 11-12 pound cat.  He spent his life acting like a furry baby, eating off forks, and helping himself to whatever he wanted to eat.  He was particularly fond of pink lemonade, cream cheese stolen off bagels, and berries.  

My brother's cat came later.  Samson.  He's beautiful, and has all the qualities of a Russian Blue.  Interesting, for a cat that was abandoned with his siblings.  He quickly grew and last I heard tipped the scaled at 21.5 pounds.  He is an incredible nap buddy.  When my brother leaves town, Samson will bring up his clean laundry from the basement, drop it in the middle of the dining room floor and caterwaul. 

When I moved out, I waited a few months before getting my first cat, Tyler.  I knew from the moment I saw his little face that he was supposed to be mine.  He came to live with me.  A few months later, I started working more and was considering getting him a little kitty friend.  I went to the local humane society and his brother Ryan (who I had seen when I got Tyler, but I didn't want to overwhelm myself with two cats in my first apartment by myself) was still there.  He came home with me 3 days later. 

When I first moved into my apartment, my landlord was this middle-aged man, kinda "geeky" but mostly quiet who lived downstairs by himself.  Our mutual space was kept pristine.  

I think I've changed his life. 

One day Tyler got outside and my landlord said it was ok if he played in the porch.  What started as kitties playing on a porch turned into my landlord building little ramps so they could look out the window.  One day I walked in to find an elaborate string system set up on the ceiling so that if one cat played with a toy, it would cause the other toys to move and would entertain the other cat.  

Every day I would come home to something new.  One day, he decided there needed to be a kitty "patio", so he made a little box, enclosed it in screens and screwed it to an existing window.  The week after, he had found a cat in the neighborhood and had started feeding it.  One day I came home to find it in the house. 

Then, the new cat started living with the landlord.

I started being afraid to come home. 

Then I found a kitten on the boulevard one night.  He started living with my landlord too. 

Then we needed cat doors so the cats could go where they wanted.  I walked into my landlord's kitchen one day while asking to borrow a tool...there were 8 different kinds of cat food, a water fountain, and wet food on the floor. Then it turned into ramps outside to little cages.  The little cages got bigger.  Then, it turned into a 9 foot fence with an overhang so they can't climb out of it.  

Then the landlord noticed a hawk and got worried so he ran string in a matrix from one side of the  yard to the other because the hawk wouldn't fly in and risk getting stuck because it would see all the string.  The cats started bring in creatures.  It's one thing for a cat to bring you a mouse, it's another for it to bring a completely healthy, uninjured mouse into the house and put it in a food dish and walk away. 

That's when the  landlord decided to get a large, plastic owl decoy.  Which is fine, until you're nonchalantly walking out the door to go to work and freak out because something huge is staring at you from the clothesline pole.  I ducked down and backed up so fast...I didn't even know I had moves like that. 

The thing about pets is...they will bring you great joy.  They will cause you to clean things you never thought you would.  There will be hilarious moments.  They will cause your landlord to build structures and you'll end up with a yard that looks like a miniature prison.  There will be moments where you are incredibly annoyed.  But, they will love you in ways you never thought you deserved to be all for a bowl of food, water and your love. 


  1. I totally agree with you. My life would be empty without my pets. They DO frustrate me more than I like to admit, but as you say the unconditional love makes up for it. My cat brought me a teeny tiny mouse as a gift last night.

  2. Ha ha. This was so great. In particular, I loved the part about your cat having balls when you thought it was a girl. I have a friend that had a girl cat and named her Angel. One day, Angel showed everyone how big her balls were. HIS name remained Angel, but nobody really looked at him the same again after discovering the truth about his gender. Haha.

    Thanks for linking up! I couldn't believe I had 5 people link up this time...HUGE success!! I thank you for the big turnout, as many of those people are members of your blogging posse, and I would never have discovered them without discovering your wonderful blog first.