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So, who is Brian? (Part 2)

Read Have You Met Brian the Foot Guy? (Part 1)

As I said before, Brian was pretty open and upfront to being asked all of my nosy questions.  In fact, I think he kind of liked it.  I wasn't sure what I was going to find out about Brian during this line of questioning and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't slightly afraid that the conversation was going to take a sexual harassment turn at any moment.  But...I was incredibly wrong.  Brian appears to be, from my observations, an incredibly polite, reasonably intelligent, very friendly man who has a little extra money that he likes to spend helping out women in an unusual way.  And while what he is doing might strike some as being creepy or inappropriate, I have yet to find him to be seedy, creepy, pervy, rude or lecherous in any way.  In fact, I find conversations with him to be quite enjoyable.  To me, he's a nice guy who likes feet.  But...I'll let you read the interview and be the judge for yourself.

First things first, lots of people think you're probably a creep. Are you a creep?

I am not a creep and I do not know why they would say that. I NEVER message a woman first. They have to initiate contact if they are interested. I assume they think that because I like feet? Why is that so bad? Lots of men actually do.

If you ask any woman that has taken  my offer or even messaged me, I am always polite and respectful. Maybe they think I am a creep because I ask mom/parenting pages to post my offer? To me, those are the women that can use money the most and that's why I message those pages. What am I going to do, message pages that men frequent? Lol.

Will you tell us a little about you? Just the basics...Age. Relationship status. Kids. Do you work? Hobbies?

Sure, like what? I am 32 and I have a girlfriend. No kids. Hobbies are playing basketball and deck hockey.

When you first messaged me, you told me you found feet to be interesting. What do you mean by interesting?

What I find interesting is no 2 pair of feet are alike. You would think after paying so many women that I wouldn't be able to say that but its true. They are like snowflakes, no pair are alike.

So, just to this a fascination or an attraction, or all of the above?

I wouldn't say fascination. I do find them attractive..well, some anyway.

And where do you think it started?

When I was younger and I have no idea why. I did think that I would outgrow it at some point and obviously that didn't happen.

Yesterday, you told me your story is quite interesting and started 7 years ago in Yahoo chat rooms (do those still exist?) Will you tell me that story?

This all started over 7 years ago in a Yahoo chat room.  There were lots of women in the room I was in and they were discussing Christmas and how a couple of them weren't going to be able to get their children much that year because money was tight.  So, I decided to throw my offer out there and see what the room said.  I posted that I would pay any and all women to email me pics of their feet.  Their first reaction was that I was gross and "hell no", but privately one of them messaged me and asked if I was serious. I said  I was and gave them a couple pose requests and said have fun with it and message me back when you have the pics.  Later that evening she messaged me, emailed the pics and sent her the money via Paypal immediately.  Needless to say she was thrilled and surprised at the same time that someone would actually do what they said they would do, especially over the internet

So the woman went back into the chat room that night and told them that I did actually pay her. A few other women messaged me and after they got paid they told their friends who messaged me and so on.  It was like a snowball effect.  They closed the Yahoo chat rooms since and I had never done this before on Facebook but if I was to continue, I really had no choice.  I started to messaged pages on Facebook to post my offer to their fans. I will be honest, I have been banned from more pages then I can count. I have been called every word in the book by some and been reported to Facebook by many. I don't really understand why pages get so pissed off at me.  I mean its only feet and women love to show off their feet during the summertime and if they want to take my offer and get paid $50, its their option to do so but unless pages post my offer, women will never know.

I get called a creep a lot for posting on mom/parenting type sites. My question is, if I pay women for pics of their feet don't you think I would want to go to pages where a lot of women can see my offer? Another reason is that moms/parents are the ones most likely to need extra money because children can't be cheap to raise.

To this day, I have paid 871 different women so far and a very select few of them I have paid 15-20 times each.

I could tell you stories upon stories of sad situations that women have told me they were in and how much my $50 would help them.  I had a woman who had Crohn's Disease that told me she didn't have money to pick up her meds from the pharmacy.  How sad is that...not having enough money to get meds that you need just to feel decent?  I sent her a wire transfer (which I never, never do) just so she could get her meds, now she did take my offer and I hate sending wire transfers, but I just felt so bad.

This is a multiple part question.... I've read a lot of doubt from people who don't think that you'll pay (I've received messages from women who tell me you do, by the way), wonder how you're paying, wonder WHY you're paying etc. So...without getting too personal, how do you afford this? It it about making decent money, budgeting for this as an extra curricular activity, being selective in what photos you pay for? AND...WHY are you paying for it? It seems to me that there has to be a market for this, and I'm sure a simple Google search would give you results.

I have been very fortunate in life to this point (knocks on wood) and I hate seeing people that are struggling. I could very easily Google pics and save my money, but that is not what this offer is about.  Its about throwing it out there to women.

If you would like an extra $50, I will pay you for pics of your feet.  If you are not interested that is fine, just move along.  One thing that irks me is when a page posts my offer and you get a woman who says that I am a scam or says that feet are gross and any woman who takes my offer is disgusting.  Hey, if you are not interested in the offer, just move along.  No need to talk bad about others who might be considering it.  Things are tough out there now, economically I mean.  I have a very good job, that is how I can afford to do this. I pay via Paypal or money order, the woman's choice.  Another thing I hear from women is "I am not giving out my address so he can come stalk me".   I get it, it is the internet so you have to be protective. You know how long it takes to set up a Paypal account? 5 min and its free!

There have been 4 instances where I have not paid women who have sent me pics.  The reason is that they did not do anything close to my pose requests that I sent.  They just took pics, emailed them and wanted to be paid.  I told them that it was nothing like what I asked for, asked them to reread my email and retake the pics, and I would gladly pay them.  They got pissed, told me I wasted their time and started to bad mouth me on pages.   Now, if you order a steak well-done and the waitress brings it out raw, are you going to eat it? no, you are going to send it back and have them make you a new one.  My requests are specific, but they are simple.  If they are too specific for women, I never hear back from them again and that is totally fine. I do not message them asking why they aren't taking pics, etc.  If they don't like what they read, our conversations go no further.

Is there an element to knowing that these pictures were taken specifically for you?

Good question. I have never really thought about that, but I don't think that it does.
I mean if for some reason a woman took pics for their boyfriend or whatever and they met my criteria, I am for taking them.  I won't say, "well you took those for him, i want you to take pics specifically for me".

Everyone wants to know what makes a good foot. I realize this is a very individual thing, but what does a beautiful foot look like to you?

The foot doesn't have to be taken care of by getting pedicures every other week, it just can't be neglected.  Like, I don't want to see skin so dry that it would suck up lotion like a plant sucks up water!  Obviously, I think that painted toes are prettier then plain nails and just about every woman paints their nails these days.  I have always liked the 2nd toe being longer.  Not that I am hating on the toes that go in order, I just think the 2nd toe longer is kinda sexy

Ok....what does an ugly foot look like? And how often do you see ugly feet?

To me an ugly foot is like I said above, one that isn't really taken care of.  I also do not like really short toenails. You know where they are so short that the skin around the toe is like growing over the toe?  Not cool.'re attached right? Does your girlfriend have nice feet? What does she think about your paying women for their pictures?

Yes, I am and she has very nice feet.  I do not know if I could be with someone who didn't have at least decent feet.  Not trying to be rude, that's just the way it is.  I told her that I did this on our 2nd date because I didn't want to waste her time if she had a problem with it.  At first she thought it was odd but after I told her why I do it, she warmed up to it and supports it.  She will look at the pics on occasion, but that's very rare

Three part question submitted by a reader who clearly wants to know everything: Are you open about your foot fetish with people in your personal life? Do you only like photos of feet or do you like feet in real life too? If yes, what do you do with the feet, are you a foot sucker, stroker, or other (please specify)?

Lol. I am NOT open with my foot fetish in my personal life.  Obviously, all my previous girlfriends know but none of my friends/family do.  Feet in real life are way better then pics.  I do like to suck on my girlfriend's toes and I am very good at it.  Tickling feet is always fun to do and to answer the last part, I do love getting footjobs. Lol.

For the record, I have no idea why she wanted to know that, but...people are curious, I guess.

I also pay women $15 to show their feet and feet only on webcam for 7 min. I have some women that do that 2-3 times a week lol

And do what....just, move them around and stuff?

Lol. Yep.

And then just what? Watch tv while you watch me do nothing with my feet?

Lol.  Sure.  I will ask you some questions about them, have you like wiggle your toes, etc

So...what kind of interesting things have you learned about feet in this pursuit?

Like I said before, no 2 pair are alike.  Quite a few women that think they have ugly feet, actually have nice feet and some that think they have nice feet, well, don't.

How do you tell someone who doesn't have nice feet that they don't?

The only women that I have turned down to this point are too short of toenails, too young or tats that are just too crazy.  Foot tats are very popular and I don't have a problem with them, there are just some that are way too crazy for me.

You're very open and upfront about what you want for these pictures. It comes across as being pretty confident, but you're not open about it in your personal life (which is understandable) this reflective of your personality in general, or do you just have some serious Internet Cojones?

I think I have a great personality, just don't feel its something that my real life peeps need to know. I mean its almost like going around and telling people that an individual likes anal sex.  Lol.

I agree completely. "real life" you're a pretty confident person? Because clearly not many people are going around doing what you do.

I am a very confident person in real life.  If I wasn't, I wouldn't make the offer that I make because I know some are going to trash me and what I do.  Everyone should feel confident in themselves, it makes life so much better.  You may think this is funny but even as much as telling a woman that she has pretty feet can boost her confidence and self esteem

Is there anything YOU would like to talk about?

I will throw this out there.
Most women think that I use the pics to know. Yes, I have done that before but its maybe 2-3 times a month. The pics really do not excite me like that. this isn't a typical sexual fetish?

It is a very sexual fetish BUT in real life. The pics, yeah they may excite me a little, but not to the point of know.  Like I said I have done that before, but no where as often as I am sure everyone thinks.

Do you still have all of the pictures you've been sent?

No, I don't but that was because yahoo decided to delete my account a few years ago and I lost about 400 emails of pics.  Those assholes!  I was sad because a woman that I have paid like 20 times had sent pics and videos and I lost them all.

Besides that though, yes I do, but honestly I haven't looked at anything older then like 4-5 months in a very long time

And why is that? Do you look once and move on or do you have favorites? Do you have favorite submitters?

Def have my favorites but I almost never will ask a woman if she wants to take my offer again and that is because I usually always have others messaging me who are interested.

How do you feel about the word fetish?

I think the word scares a lot of people and makes then immediately think freak or creep. Just about all of us have some kind of fetish, just don't admit it.

Quinton Tarantino has one and is open about it. Jay Leno does and there are many celebs that do as well.

I totally agree! But I think people might not realize that certain things are considered a fetish of sorts.

The truth is, you're not the first foot guy I've ever met. I admit... I'm very curious about it, but I'm honestly curious about all the things in life that make people tick. I think it's kind of cool that your pursue your interests while helping others. It's a lot better than being someone who lives an unsatisfied life. Thank you for being so willing to be open and honest and answer all my nosy questions.

Also just to clarify, I like other women body parts more than feet.  Lol.

Really? Because that's a lot of pictures and money for something you're not all about.

If you're giving me the choice between sex and a footjob, give me sex 75% of the time.  Do you find that odd?

Do I find what odd?  That you prefer sex to a foot job? No.  I find it incredibly normal as someone who has encountered men with fetishes they didn't consider fetishes who preferred it over sex.  I am the normalcy considering the lengths and cost your go to to indulge in this foot thing.

Remember, this truly is about helping out women who can use some extra money.

That's where our conversation ended.  We've chit chatted many times since then.  He is always pleasant, always asks how I am doing, and true to his word has never pressured me or brought up the topic of pictures and whether or not I was going to take him up on his offer.  To be honest, I said I was going to and then didn't get back to him for over a month and he never said a word unless I brought it up.

So does Brian pay up?  I'll have to let you know.  I sent him my pictures this morning, but had some camera issues.  I don't blame him for not paying for what he wants.  I can understand that.  So, I'm going to have to get back to you on that one.


Well, I had a little bitty problem with my pictures.  Basically...I'm fat and need sluttier shoes.  But I got the job done.

Some advice:  Own slutty, strappy sandals and have a friend take your photos when taking pics for Brian. Seriously.  I can't tell you how many times I considered calling people and being like, "Bitch, I'm coming over so you can take pictures of my feet".

I sent more than what I needed to because I wasn't sure about some.  Brian gave me honest feedback and asked me to fix what he wanted.  I did it and sent them back.

Was he thrilled with my "product"?  Hard to say.  He hasn't really said much.

But the interesting thing is...I'm surprised by how much I found myself caring whether or not I took good pictures (I mean, I have pretty feet, I want them represented well).  And because I lack creativity, I felt like I was just taking the same pictures over and over again.  Brian tells you exactly what he wants, but I still felt like I wasn't doing something I was supposed to be.

In the end, I sent the second set of photos and Brian paid me.  I sent the email, and the deposit into my Paypal account was almost immediate.

From my Paypal account

So...what did I learn from this experience?  My perfectionism is out of control.  There ARE people on the Internet who will do exactly what they say they will do.

And I can now add "Foot Model" to my resume (and Pestitute to my list of naughty things I've done).

Want to know what I'm doing to keep my feet soft and photo worthy?  How I went from dry skin and cracked heels to "foot model"

Update:  In the end, someone finally "exposed" Brian the Foot Man for being someone else entirely.  This person even went so far as to create a brand new blog dedicated to "outing" Brian the Foot Guy.  The reality?  He was a married man, older than what he had told me in our interview, and his wife had no idea what he was doing.  Also shared were photos of his hairline, personal Facebook information for him and his wife, and messages going back and forth detailing the havoc that was going to be released in this man's life as a result of the exposure. 

I understand that people thought his offer was creepy.  It bothered some people.  It made some people uncomfortable. Knowing what I know now, I don't regret my interactions with him. Yes, he lied to me but he also had no reason to be honest with me as a stranger on the Internet.  No, I do not agree with what he was doing behind his wife's back.  While I feel slighted a bit and I do feel that he was a bit seedy, I still maintain that in out interactions together Brian was always a gentleman.  I don't know what has become of him, but I wish him the very best and hope that he is able to repair his marriage


  1. Interesting read and he seems like a genuinely nice guy.

    It is always intriguing to find out why people like the things they do.

    Good interview & interesting subject!

  2. I've sent them before, and I want to send them again, but I don't own the kind of strappy shoes he's looking for in pictures and I don't want to buy a new pair of shoes just to take the pictures :/

    1. Have you considered taking them at a shoe store? Imagine, all the shoes to choose from, and what's wrong with taking a pic of them? You don't have to explain, hell people will probably assume you're just making sure someone else approves of your choice as well. lol

    2. This is such a Brian thing to say. Haha.

  3. Loved the look into this world! I have ugly feet but would probably do it if i didn't. Nothing to lose really...create a new email, take pictures where there is nothing to track down and have the money order sent to a friend's or something if feel unsafe.

  4. Or... like new email to PayPal and have money sent there. No address needed. Also, you can have things sent to your Post Office "General Delivery".

  5. Why do you always have to wear hose in the pictures? Is that just part of the fetish?

  6. What's your shoe size?

  7. Love the interview. I have ugly feet lol and since my horse broke my toe as a teenager i dont wear or own heels but if i did id totally do it 😊

  8. More that cheese and beer- I would love to send pics of my feet! Does he still do this? If so, can you send me the info to contact him? Thank you!

    1. Please see the update at the end of the post. Brian was outed for being a fake.

  9. Wish i knew how to message him some photos and get some feed back

    1. Please see the update at the end of the post. Brian was outed for being a fake.

  10. I cant find Brian. Im assuming hes stopped due to his being outed

    1. I assume so as well. I have not been given any update or additional information after he was outed. Though I do still see quite a bit of "foot traffic" to the post.