Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday Confessions: Pet Peeves

Today's Sunday Confession prompt:
Pet Peeve

Fun Fact:  A pet peeve is a minor annoyance that someone finds particularly annoying to themselves, to a greater degree than others might find it. 

My biggest Pet Peeve is... People. 

There.  I said it. 

I sat here and thought long and hard about it.  And you know, I really wanted to talk about how much it bothers me when I see things like people on Facebook posting photos of a new pet when they were posting photos trying to get rid of one the week before, or a grown animal being given away for Free because there is a new live-in partner who is allergic, or a desperate phone call to take a cat because the landlord is coming over and there are NO PETS ALLOWED.  If you've had pets as an adult, but you've never seen one through to the end of it's're probably one of these people.  I'll make exceptions...I'm not so cold-hearted as to think that sometimes pets, like people, need an alternative living situation.  But people who bring in and push out animals because they consistently choose to bring them into environments where they are unable or unwilling to provide make me furious.  I volunteered in a Shelter for years.  It broke my heart to see good, sweet, loving animals who just wanted their forever home.  If you can't say forever, you don't need a pet. 

I thought about how much it bothers me to see people create their own storms, but get upset when it rains.  Usually, they're the same people who complain about every situation whether it is home life or relationships while failing to realize that they are the common denominator.  

I considered how abhorrent I find people who do things to others that they themselves have felt the sting of.  Life happens, and the truth is that you're going to hurt someone.  At some point in this life, we all hurt someone whether we try to or not.  That is just how life is.  But I cannot for the life of me understand how someone hurts another in a way they know the pain of because I believe they should be enlightened. 

I despise the opinions of people who shouldn't get a voice.  Some people might disagree with me and tell me that everyone should have a voice...and while I respect everyone's right to an opinion, I think more weight ought to be given to those with a dog in the fight.  And can someone please tell me why I'm supposed to care what celebrities think about things like who the next President of the United States should be or Foreign policy?  They're not any more or less qualified to discuss politics than anyone else just because they've rubbed elbows at an award or had dinner at the White House. 

It makes my head want to explode when I see someone accuse another person of discrimination when there is none to be seen.  I'm not saying discrimination doesn't happen, that would be ignorant and I've been discriminated against myself.  But, seeing someone accuse another of discrimination to distract from or defend their misconduct only enforces real discrimination and desensitizes people to it.

I thought long and hard about my Pet Peeves.  I even stopped to ask myself if I was creating my own irritations...and sometimes I do.  I questioned whether or not I was just being an ass and if I was the common denominator in all of my annoyances.  But then I realized that all of the things that annoy me, involve PEOPLE.


  1. I think what it is is where a person's heart is. Their intention.

    And as for people with the animals, some eat their pets like in Korea.

  2. I agree strongly with this post. And I couldn't have said it better.

  3. Wow that's pretty, um, broad.
    Not sure this requires pointing out, but I somehow feel the need to remind you that you are a person.

    1. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten. You should see the list of things I do that annoy myself.

    2. Well put. Anyway, I wasn't trying to be a troll, but you definitely made me think. Reminds me of a post I've been working out about how the IDGAF people seem to be the ones who "care" the most!

  4. Now I totally get why you asked me what you did earlier.

  5. I totally agree- why must people be so... themselves?!