Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tickled Tuesday: Anti-Birthday List

Indecisively Blogging

The wonderful Miss Jackie over at Indecisively Blogging wants to know what I don't want for my birthday.  I have so many thoughts.  Honestly, I haven't received that many bad birthday gifts but there are just some things I have to say "NO" to. 

My Anti-Birthday List:

  • I haven't had birthday sex in...awhile, and mostly because my ex was a miserable human bean (Yes, a miserable human BEAN).  That being said, I don't want to have to celebrate another birthday with him or any of my other exes. 

  • Communicable disease of any kind.  I had chicken pox on my 5th birthday.  I also had pneumonia on my 26th.  And I don't want a side of the herp with my birthday sex.  

  • I had an ex who got his notice to serve for jury on his 18th birthday.  He ended up not having to, but still...ON his 18th birthday.  No thank you!

  • Work.  I take off on my birthday so I don't have to deal with...well, anything. 

  • I like weird things.  I really, really do.  I like looking, seeing, and sometimes touching if I can.  For example, the day we got to work with real human bodies in my watered down Anatomy and Physiology class, I was double-handed inside a chest cavity while surrounded by future massage therapists wearing a glove on one hand and poking at the skin.  I'm just a naturally curious person and I'm fascinated by things outside of the norm or things that are unusual or not seen everyday.  That being said...I don't like stuffed things.  I mean, they're cool but I don't want it in my home. 

  • Bugs.  Of any kind.  For any reason.  Just No. 

  • A doggy doo candle 


  1. I'm with you on all of these, especially the not working on your birthday. It's a real buzz kill. Also, I'd pass on that dog poop candle as well.

  2. AHAHHA how did I miss this??? I'm so glad you didn't get food poisoning (and thanks for the plug)- As for the dog poo candle- is it scented?