Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What If I could have it again?

Today's Topic: What If...I could have it again?

Only 5-10 minutes of writing....GO!

This could apply to so many things.

Money I've lost.

My old body.

My virginity.

Time I've wasted.

Relationships I've let go.

Right now, there is a part of me that wishes I could have a simpler time again.  When money wasn't such a concern.  When friendships seemed stronger.  When there were more good times.  When I didn't have back pain keeping me from life, or doing normal things like mopping my floor.

I miss that.  I miss not being in pain.  I miss being able to go and go and go until my sleep deprived body was ready to collapse, instead of having to do things so that I do the one most likely to leave me in pain for last.  I miss being able to try new things without wondering what I'll feel like tomorrow.  I hate having to remember to carry medication in case my pain flares up or any other number of complications arises.

I miss times when medical bills were for injuries and illnesses, not because I hurt every day.

I miss my time before Chronic Pain

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