Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What If Wednesday: What if I were a mythical creature?

Today's Topic: What If...I were a mythical creature?

Only 5-10 minutes of writing....GO!

I'd be a Vampire.

No question about it.

I'm already rumored to be a Witch, and the truth is that if this were another time or place I'd be burned at the stake for so many things I've lost count.   TAKE THE WITCH TEST

I'd love my beautiful fangs and I'd take pride in brushing them and making sure they were pearly white!

I'd feed on humans, but only the willing ones.  I don't think I'd ever really run out of willing food because let's face it... humans love it.  There are so many people out there who love Vampire movies and dress up for Halloween...and let's not even get started on True Blood fans.

I'd be super fast, and maybe I wouldn't have the upper body strength of a T-Rex (Seriously though, T-Rex Memes are about my life and make me sad).

Me, so much.

I'd be a Vamp with perfect hair...even after feeding.  And spilling on myself would be normal, and I would never be expected to wear white because, hello....creature of the night. 

I could rock and roll all night and sleep all day.  

I don't know about the live forever part, but I think I could handle not aging.  And I'm choosing to believe that I would have a really, really, ridiculously hot body.  


  1. Well, going with the Vampire thing wouldn't work for me, Hell I can't even work a 3rd shift job! However, I have always wanted to be a fairy GodMother!!! Yes, I know - 37 year old who wants to be a Fairy GodMother- but I grew up with out a Mother (she was there- but drugs & other things kept her from being a decent parent) or for that matter any female close enough to resemble a responsible loving person. So now that I have my own teenagers, their friends & countless nieces & nephews- I love playing the role of "Super Auntie Lissa"

  2. I totally would be a vampire! Like from Twilight. Don't hate me for that! But damn they're hot and gorgeous and oh to never have to feel pain or be sick.... and vampires are just cool. I liked them before Twilight made them popular!