Friday, June 27, 2014

Five Minute Friday: LOST

I'm linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker this week for Five Minute Friday.  It's been awhile but I'm feeling like I need to let out some words this morning.  The prompt for this week is LOST.

Five Minute Friday


Truth is I've felt lost.  I've felt lost for a long time, but for some reason right now I feel like I'm finding myself again.  I'm finding what I believe in again.  I'm finding my opinions.  I'm finding my voice in a way I've never had it before. It's a powerful feeling.  It can be a scary, powerful feeling but at the same time it's the best feeling in the world.  It feels like coming home, but with the added benefit of knowing that this is where I want to be now.

I'm finding that I don't need a lot of people.  Having a lot of people in my life doesn't make me feel good.  I'm finding that all I really want out of my friendships/relationships are the kind of people who don't make me feel lost, or make me feel like I want to get lost.  When it comes to the people in my life, I don't want a couple of dimes that get lost among a bunch of pennies; I think I've reached a point where I'd rather have 4 quarters (there's a meme - or a hundred memes- about that somewhere). 

I'm finding love again.  I'm finding lots of love.  I'm finding the kind of love I always want to be with...late night talks about nothing, getting in the car and seeing where we can end up, losing time...I don't get to have all of those things unfortunately, but it's the kind of love that brings me back to my center.  It's the kind of love that doesn't care if I'm high, low, crazy, fat, thin, lost or found.  And it isn't perfect's perfect for me.

I'm finding the kind of love where I'm accepted just as I am, where I feel comfortable talking about who I am and what I think, and what I dream...and those people share those things with me.  Love that appreciates me for just being me. 

I've felt lost for a long time, but I'm starting to feel better... I'm finding myself again.  I'm finding the person I like being.  I'm finding the people I like being with.  And it's the greatest feeling in the world. 


  1. Love this friend. Thankful that you are finding your voice and who you are-- it is a great feeling isn't?? AND since you've found this your free to love! Love how God works!

  2. This resonates so well with me. I am glad you finding yourself again. It's empowering and amazing when you start to feel whole. I wish you well on this journey.

  3. This post gave me the happy feels!

    Sometimes we need to be lost before we find ourselves and the people who are meant to be in our lives.

    Happy for you :-)

  4. So good to be found. Thank you for stopping by Life, Love and Laughter in Large Family.