Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What If Wednesday: What If I Were a Cartoon?

Today's Topic: What If...I was a cartoon character?

Only 5-10 minutes of writing....GO!

Guest Post this week is from a good friend, huge supporter of More Than Cheese and Beer, and a weekly reader.  I have to say... this might be more hilarious to me than it is to you because I know what a true character she really is! - Ash

When Ash asked me to write this week's What If Wednesday (lets be honest, to just do anything at all) I was nervous, but then she gave me a question that was so perfect for me, I just had to say yes.

What if... I was a cartoon character?
Haha. I've thought about this before, actually. There are times when my boyfriend and I get ourselves into such shenanigans I'mm convinced we are Peter and Lois from "Family Guy" or the Misfit Bunch from "The Oblongs" who live in the valley. 

Sometimes when I think of the fact that we want to own a restaurant someday, I think of us like Linda and Bob from "Bob's Burgers". If we had kids (or our critter kids could talk) they would be just as weird as Linda and Bob's kids.

Two of the critter kids

When I was a kid, I always had a soft spot for Helga on "Hey Arnold!" and Angelica from "Rugrats". Something about the loud, bossy girl who has a soft spot nobody really sees.

But then I remembered a compliment that I haven't heard just once, but twice... "You remind me of a character".

They never specify what character whether it's from a book, a movie, or a cartoon, just basically that I am such a strange person, I remind them of someone who hasn't even been made up yet. Wow. So if I was a cartoon character, I would be myself, except maybe a slightly exaggerated one...though sometimes I feel like all I am is just an exaggerated version of myself, in front of any audience anyway (which, isn't that all a cartoon is? An exaggerated version of a person or people and their shenanigans for the audience?).

To be honest, if I was a cartoon, if my life was, it wouldn't need to reach too far for ideas. Sometimes I think that my life is so crazy I couldn't even make this shit up. 

Someday I really do hope to be a character, which I know that is a strange goal to have, but the best thing about cartoons is they can die in every episode and still come back the next week.

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