Thursday, July 31, 2014

Friday Feats and Fails

Welcome to Friday Feats and Fails!  Our very first Special Guest is the BEAUTIFUL Sophia from Glitter & Bruises.  I've been following Sophia since she had 600 something fans on Facebook and I'll admit my initial attraction was the kick ass name (because I am a pro-Glitter and anything shiny) and her bright red lips.  I started following her because we were in similar places: I was processing a break-up and she was processing her own ending.  The first post I ever read was Doilies And Plastic Covered Furniture and it spoke to me, especially because there was a powerful truth that I needed to hear another woman say:

I can’t control what people think and believe based on what they know and what they think they know. 
- Sophia, Glitter & Bruises

Fast forward to the present day...the tone of the blog changed as her life changed, and watching Sophia transition to the person she affectionately calls "Sophia 2.0" has been amazing.  I am so proud of her and happy that I get the chance to get to know her.  She is engaging, funny, beautiful, and all around awesome and I'm so glad she agreed to be my FIRST Special Guest because if there is anyone who knows anything about Feats & Fails it is a woman who embraces the good stories AND the bad stories: The Glitter & Bruises.

You can find Sophia 2.0 eating meatballs, posting selfies, tattling on herself (like the day she ripped a stick person off a minivan), making the rest of us wish we were Greek, and being an all around Lady Gaga in a world full of Kelly Clarksons on her Facebook Page.  You can also see pictures of lunches and her smiling face on Instagram, and stalk her on Twitter

She is hilarious and has AMAZING energy.  I hope you'll visit her blog and check out her Friday Feats & Fails post, and check her out on Facebook and see what she is all about.

So.... onto the Feats and Fails of my week!

 - I came home from work Friday night to find the screen of my laptop was cracked.  I don't know if it happened Thursday night, or sometime during the day but I don't recall being rough with it or dropping it.  But unfortunately, it is cracked and as tight as things have been financially... I don't know that a fix is in sight anytime soon.  It SUPER sucks.  Do you think I could get money from GoFundMe to write my bullshit on the Internet?  I mean, that Potato Salad guy raised like $46,000 on Kickstarter and all I want is to get my screen fixed.

- I didn't get my Christmas in July cards out until the last day in July.  But let's be honest, it wasn't really about wishing anyone a Merry Christmas.  I didn't send them to everyone, I sent them to people who have made me salty in the last month.  Passive-Aggressive behavior at it's finest.

- My body is a fail this week.  I don't know what I did, but there are pins and needles and they haven't stopped.  Not awesome.

+ Sophia agreed to be my Special Guest this week.  I feel so blessed to put my name next to hers because she's made me laugh and her growing confidence and faith in Sophia 2.0 really bolstered me when I was feeling unsure about my journey.

+ I STILL managed to jam out with my clam out for Sunday Confessions with a broken laptop; It still happened without incident and no one knew the difference.  It didn't have to go that way.  I totally could have opted to lay on the floor and cry about it because...well, my laptop!

+ I probably shouldn't brag about this here, but I had an interview this week.  I know an interview isn't a job offer but... I always feel good about getting there.  I interviewed fairly well, and while I don't think I'm going to take the position because they can't meet my needs... it is kind of nice to feel good about it.

+ I made 162 frickin meatballs for a potluck at work.  Super proud of getting that accomplished even if they weren't my best meatballs ever.  Everyone really liked them... the only fail was the meatballs that didn't get eaten and I will be eating for DAYS.

+ I don't know how to talk about this one so I'm going to wing it.  You know when someone loves you, but there's something you're insecure about and they reassure you but you always kind of write it off as being "words" and never really believe it?  I think a more than words moment happened yesterday.  I'm not sure, but maybe.  And it's kind of awesome.

Anyway... so there's my week.  What about yours?

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  1. Sorry I am just getting to comment now. As you know, the plague struck my house last week and my mom-munity finally failed this weekend. My bed and I had a bad romance. Anyway, you had me at broken laptop screen. Someone probably would have had to get the knife out of my hands and away from my wrist. Also, I'm happy about your 'more than words moment'. Those are so fun. :) Thanks for having me.