Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Product Junkie Review: Caloric Cuvee Wine Glasses

I love wine.  I really, really do.  I never thought I would be a wine drinker but the older I get the more I enjoy wine in all of it's various forms.

If you follow me at all, you also know that I'm trying to be healthier (Seriously, I DO try...don't judge me and don't remind me about all the cheese I ate last night please).

So you can only imagine my glee when I was asked to review a Caloric Cuvee Wineglass.  I can't even begin to tell you how excited I was because I just got another reason to drink wine and because I could finally stop guesstimating how much wine I was drinking and have a fairly accurate calorie count for once.

Photo courtesy of Caloric Cuvee

Last week, I received my beautiful Classic Caloric Cuvee in the mail (yes, I waited a week to share this with you).  I went with the Classic because the ounces and calories are clearly marked, and it has a "Who Cares?" line which is definitely a necessity.  It came in a custom box, was well packed and arrived 2 days earlier than anticipated!

The first thing I noticed was that these glasses have a little bit of weight to them.  I hate wineglasses that are so thin/light that I'm afraid I'm going to drop it.  The etching is beautiful.  And if you never noticed, an attractive wineglass makes wine taste even better.  I love this glass because it is attractive AND smart (just like me) because it can tell me how many calories I'm consuming which is great for days when I'm actually being good and days when it's pretty obvious that I don't care.

The best part about these glasses? "The Caloric Cuvee product line is hand-etched, lead-free, and dishwasher-safe. All materials are made in the U.S.A. and etched in Washington state. Our etching is guaranteed for the life of the product."  That is from their website.  It's a family business, made in the United States, and DISHWASHER SAFE!  I just love it!

And... the wonderful Caloric Cuvee people are offering one lucky Cheese Nip a chance to win a glass of your own!  If you're interested in winning, enter below.  The winner will be chosen randomly on July 31st at 12:00 PM  CST and announced on Facebook and emailed.  Please be sure you use an email you check often, as a new winner will be chosen if I do not receive a response from the winner within 48 hours.

Until then, you should definitely head over to their website and check out all of their great products at

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  1. Beautiful. But if I do that, everyone else knows exactly how much wine I'm drinking too. And I like to keep them guessing about that. It's that whole mystery thing.

  2. They're super fun glasses, and I love that it's family owned!

  3. Love! Great review too- I hope I win!! If not I will be forced to buy one...or two... marking this under my "gifts" file for when I get stumped at Xmas.