Sunday, July 13, 2014


This week's topic: 

When people hear the word "Faith", I think the automatic assumption is that I'm talking about religious faith; a reasonable assumption as that is the context in which we most often discuss faith.  

But I think Faith goes so much deeper than that, doesn't it?  What about the Faith we have in each other?  Faith in our friends and family?  Faith in humanity?  Faith in the things we're supposed to be able to trust and believe in?  What are the limits of Faith?

I find myself struggling with Faith of all kinds, not just the kind that believes in a higher power or religious doctrine.  

Our world has become such a corrupt place.  Every day there are news stories about corrupt police officers, exoneration of innocent men placed on death row for decades before being found innocent, suffering Veterans who were willing to sacrifice for this country who now can't get decent healthcare much less proper care for traumas suffered during their service.  The United States Government is trying to poison citizens.  Even doctors can no longer be trusted... how can you trust someone to have an individual's best interest in mind when the doctor works for a corporation that has a bottom line?

That all just sounds so sad, doesn't it?  And I struggle with that sadness.

My faith in humanity wavers.  I see people do beautiful things to help other people.  But then I lose it all when I see how fickle some of those actions can be, like in the case of the Hot Felon who's story and face made international news when people chose to donate money to his cause because they found him attractive, while innocent men are sitting on death row with no help, no GoFundMe account, much less anyone willing to even listen to their story.

I don't know how I feel about marriage anymore after seeing so many fail and after having so many of my own personal relationships end in ways unnecessarily ugly.  

The only solution I have is to believe in something higher than myself, in a higher purpose, and to try and act in ways that inspire people to have faith in others.  Sometimes I suck at that and fail miserably, but just think... what would happen if instead of worrying about some kind of agenda and financial bottom line, everyone just looked out for each other?  What would happen if instead of thinking it was us against the world, we started pushing to succeed as a group?  What if we all fought to be the best version of ourselves?


  1. What would happen? The world would be a better place to be. *hugs*

  2. I have lost faith in humanity so many times and that's the route of all evil I think. Thinking the worst and expecting the worst all the time.

  3. Wonderful things would happen.

    Granted there would be push back, nay-sayers, obstacles to overcome, but there always is.

    That's why it would be even more wonderful, to succeed and come together as one in the midst of negativity and rudeness.

    Hopefully, one day.