Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Feats & Fails 8/22/2014

Welcome to another Friday Feats & Fails!  This week's Featured Blogger is Ripped Jeans & Bifocals.  Where do I start about Jill?  She is a Mommy through adoption, writer, and blogger from West Virginia, but calls Texas home and has been living in England for over three years now.  Which I think is pretty awesome.

I am admittedly a newer reader of Ripped Jeans & Bifocals, but I check in to see what kind of tacos she's making lately, or see what her latest parenting fail is.  But I read blogs because I enjoy reading about the different life experiences of others and that is why I read and enjoy Jill.  Jill is writing about post-adoption life as an older mom (I have started to think that if I'm going to have kids, I'll probably be an older mom... so this is good stuff for me to know).  Sometimes, she writes about Mom Guilt, her experiences in London, and  Dumb Adoption Questions & Comments people ask IN THE CHECKOUT LINE (if this post doesn't make you realize how rude people really can be, you might be beyond hope).  On Thursdays, she features other writers with an "I wish I would have known" piece.

  Sometimes, she even shares pictures of her kids which I love because they're just too cute for words.

Jill is smart, her writing is relatable and enjoyable, and if nothing else... she'll answer all of your dumb ass questions about adoption (in her own way, of course).  You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, and over on her blog Ripped Jeans & Bifocals.

P.S.  Jill - I want you to try MY scrambled eggs recipe sometime.  Add 1-2 tablespoons Cottage Cheese (I like the kind of Chives in it) to every 3 eggs (NOT HEAPING.  If you put in LARGE tablespoons, your eggs will be watery).  Scramble.  Add salt and pepper to taste.  Use real butter in your pan and scramble them up.  Lightest, fluffiest eggs I've ever had.  Sometimes, I like to cook down some spinach in the pan, then add the eggs and cottage cheese and scramble in the pan and top with a sprinkle of Parmesan, and salt and pepper.  YUM!

On to the Feats & Fails!

-  I have a lot of things I was supposed to do this week.  Like send out "Thank You" cards (and yes, I still believe in fucking Thank You cards... I just forget sometimes, or send them really late).  So... if I owe you one, I'm sorry and it will be on the way soon.

-  I didn't get any mail this week, which stinks and makes me a little salty.

-  Wednesday Sucked.  I cleaned a particularly dusty area at work and ended up with a lot of sinus pain as a result of breathing in all that dust and yuck.  When I went to leave work, I got a double nosebleed as I was pulling out the of the driveway.  Then, on the way to my mom's house... something metal flew at my face and took a chunk out of my windshield.  Super unhappy about that.

-  Job Stress.  The totally unappreciated and undue kind which I was just supposed to get over because of a half-ass apology which wasn't really an apology, coupled with a "Thank you for your patience" as if we had a fucking choice not to be "patient" (aka silent) while someone learned for themselves everything that was required for the rest of us to learn via mandatory training last week.

Whatever.  Anyway... my undue job stress prompted me to create a new word:
Corporamus: (noun) A person or entity who while employed, usually in a managerial position, somehow remains ignorant to corporate policy & the limitations of their position.  
**This has me so annoyed that just writing about it prompted another nosebleed.  I'm at 1 double, and 2 singles now.  Stress and irritation also makes my nose bleed.  UGH!!!!!  **

-  I did a lot of walking one day.  I got around a lot.  Then I went to sync my Fitbit and found the battery died.  I hate when the FitBit battery dies... all those lost and forgotten steps.  I'm very upset.

+  Bonehead told me I need Glitter Anonymous or some kind of similar group.  That just makes me laugh and I had to share.  Speaking of Bonehead... I just kind of love him.  And I get to see him in a few days and that makes me happy.

+  I got to spend even quality time with my Mom again this week.  Which is really good.

+  I actually got some things done around the house (WOO HOO!)

+  I am close to 2,000 Likes on my Facebook page, which is awesome and kinda scary.  In order to get there, I've said that when it happens I'll post a picture of me at prom.  I feel relatively confident that is going to happen.  I'm trying to be positive about it... because 2,000!!

+  I actually blogged this week.  Read about how I got a new perspective (and cried in the Walgreens' parking lot) when a good friend sent me a box of love.

+  I'm actually taking a few days off.  Can't afford it, but desperately need it.  At some point, you have to take care of yourself first and pay up second.  I'm sure this will only lead to more stress in the long run, but... we'll see.


  1. Thanks for letting me play! I'm super proud of myself that I didn't screw up the linky - you just don't know. And older mommyhood....there are some perks and there are some not so fun things, but that is mommyhood in general. Like when your kid hands you a piece of partially chewed sandwich spit combo - not fun at any age. I WILL try your scrambled eggs - maybe even this weekend. I will let you know. Excited to see the other blogs linked up & to read all the feats & fails.

    1. Hahaha... Aunties still get handed partially chewed food. AND... boogers. I've been handed boogers.

      Thanks for being here and being my Special Guest. Your post is great!!