Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Feats & Fails 8/29/2014

Welcome to Friday Feats & Fails... before a 3 day weekend!  Whoohoo!  I've been a super busy girl... so let's talk about this week's Feats & Fails!

-  I made a day trip to Green Bay... which was fine, except for the migraine I drove home with.  Super ouch.  Pretty sure it happened because I was dehydrated.

-  I seriously could not afford the day trip to Green Bay to see Bonehead for his birthday.  But... I needed a couple of days to myself, and I needed to see him.

-  While I normally try to avoid talking about my job, there are just some things that can't be held back... like my annoyance at the fact that EVERY time I take a day off it is inevitable that I will be emailed with some drama.

-  I haven't done a single thing around my house... except dishes.

-  And then Thursday afternoon I went to put air in my tire, and it wouldn't take air.  Great.

+  I finally got my Thank You cards out the door.

+  I got to see Bonehead.  Super WIN!  Love him.  And he finally got to meet the new baby in his family.  I've been teasing him about having the biological clock of a middle-aged woman for days.  But... the pictures are wonderful and that makes me happy.

+  A blogger friend agreed to join MFP and we're holding each other accountable and working on doing better.  It is weird but awesome to have someone you actually "know" holding you accountable.  And... I've lost some since I last weighed in.  Allegedly.  Which is awesome.

+  It was beautiful for the two days I had off.  It is supposed to storm the next two days, which I like because I'm all about thunderstorms.  I love them.

+  I got to spend some time with my mom and nephew during my days off.  Which was great.

+  My trip to Green Bay meant getting to surprise my brother with a special treat.

+  Speaking of my brother... he got his new Carvin guitar this week.  Which isn't necessarily a FEAT for me but... he's happy, and that makes me happy.  I got to see him open it, and he was so happy.  It is beautiful.

+  My wonderful friend, Mommy Needs Wine, Not Whine, sent me a new mug.  I don't know if you saw my last mug, but it is one of my favorites.  Unfortunately, I've used it so much it is starting to wear and I've had to retire it, but it was my comfort mug... you know, your favorite mug that you HAVE to drink out of when you're having one of THOSE days and you put on your fuzzy pants and a soft t-shirt and watch Netflix all day while drinking vodka cocoa and eating oreos.  It has been my wine mug, my coffee cup, my cocoa cup.... I love it dearly and I'm sad to retire it to being a pen holder.  But...this new mug makes the transition easier.

My old mug

My new mug

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  1. #1, thanks for reminding me I have to send thank you notes from my daughter for her birthday. Which was in July. FAIL #2 I effing love that mug!