Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Feats & Fails (8/8/2014)

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- Just because I can admit that I'm struggling with Severe Depression doesn't mean I know how to fix it.  I know I should probably follow my own tips but it is incredibly hard.  I've started making moves in the right direction, but getting the ball rolling is always kind of a slow endeavor. 

- A complication of being in denial about my "Depression Situation" for so long is that I've fucked up a lot of things the last few months.  There are some good things that have come from it, like being able to finally let go of some people/Joy Vampires and situations that no longer agree with who I am or what I want to be and distance myself from people who didn't have my best interests at heart because it is easier to see Psychic Vampirism when you're "budgeting your resources" on a psychological and emotional level.

Unfortunately...I also hurt some people in the process.  A few weeks ago, I wrote a Sunday Confession about hurting someone I love and the "problem" went away for a short period of time before bouncing back and nailing me in the face, the way things improperly dealt with tend to do.  Bonehead once told me "Sometimes in life, there are things/people we have to let go in order for them to grow in their own way".  Sadly, it seems that maybe this time I'm the one who needs to grow.  The events of the past few years have taken a toll on my emotions, my all around well-being and how I look at the world.  I don't know what the outcome is going to be, but I'm already feeling anxious.  I know what is going to be will be, but... that is never an easy pill to swallow.

-  I kind of just gave up on my calorie tracking.  So much for dedication but... I need to focus on my mental health before anything else.  A healthy body is nothing if I'm rotting away on the inside. 

-  I don't think I did anything around my house all week. 


+  I admitted and realized that I'm struggling and might need help.  Some people never get to that point, so I feel pretty good about it.  I've started talking to the people around me so they know and understand. 

+  Lots of people have come out to support me and be on my side.  It is one thing to "know" people care about you and another to have them come out and tell you when you really need it.  I needed it.  I'm glad I have those people. 

+  I won a gift card from Tracy on the Rocks for being a stalker-like on her page and sharing her.  She's awesome and she agree to be the Featured Blogger for Friday Feats & Fails next week. 

+  Bonehead got some positive news.  He'll be moving closer!  I'm very excited for him!

+  I sidestepped another hot and steamy conversational topic this week when I was told that men my age don't have manners and don't treat women with respect because they weren't taught to cherish them...because of equal rights.  So... while I might have all kinds little thoughts in my head, I just quietly turned around and went back to work.  Not a peep.  Go me!

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  1. What a cool concept! Maybe I'll get with the program and join the linkup next week! My feat/fail? I ran a half marathon on Monday - that was my feat. No huge fails, but I really want to eat better and lay off the dang carbs. Love your page!

  2. Feat didn't kill any contractors for not finishing my beeping room. Fail room still not finished and it looks like no end in beeping sight.

  3. Sometimes keeping your mouth shut is a great accomplishment....not sure if I could have when they mentioned the equal rights bull honky stuff...

    And kudos to you for recognizing your struggle and opening up to those around you, that is quite difficult and a huge step.

    Hugs to you lady, if you ever need someone to listen I got two ears that are pretty good at it ;-)

  4. You know what I love about you? (That's a trick question, there's too many to list) - But one of the MANY things is that you are open to growing and changing and that you can look at the bad crap as an opportunity for change. That's pretty impressive. Know what else I love? That I made it onto your "feats" list this week AND I get to be your featured blogger next week. I hope my fail to feat ratio isn't obscene....