Sunday, August 31, 2014

My Guilty Pleasures

This week's Sunday Confession topic:

I like to think I don't have any guilty pleasures...that I am the kind of person who can enjoy anything and everything she pleases without things like guilt. 

But that would be a lie. 

My Guilty Pleasures

1. I love when Bonehead laughs.  I will say crazy things and do stupid ridiculous shit to make that man laugh.  He might be the only man on Earth I chronically make an ass out of myself in front of on purpose.  

2.  I love spoiling the people I love when I can.  They don't need it, but sometimes it just makes me happy. 

3.  I have lingerie that I've never worn.  In my defense... when I bought the item in question it was just a tad too snug but I loved it too much to return it.  So it sits in my drawers still in the packaging, hoping I'll stop eating long enough to actually be able to fit into it some day, but until then I enjoy knowing there is something sexy in my drawers. 

4.  I love trashy t.v.  I used to watch Jerry Springer at night before bed.  I could name all of Bravo's Housewives for years before cancelling my cable.

5.  The More Than Cheese and Beer Facebook Page.  If I were to be honest, I would have to admit to sharing more on the MTCAB Facebook page because people who like my page are more accepting of me and enjoy my personality more than people on my personal page who actually know me.  So I hide out there, sharing the moments of my life where people celebrate them with me and not condemn me for the less classy and graceful moments. 

6.  I am still a Product Junkie.  While I've given up buying more of things until I use up what I have, that doesn't mean I still don't have more than one person should. 

7.  I don't feel guilty about the food I eat most of the time (this is why I'm fat), but one thing I do feel guilty for loving sometimes...Ramen Noodles.  

8.  I keep thinking at some point I should grow up and wear pajamas, but I would rather buy nice sheets and sleep naked. 

9.  Quality Toilet Paper.  There have been times in my adult life where I have eaten Rice-a-Roni and Ramen Noodles out of force, not choice.  But I have never given up my preferred brand of toilet paper.

10.  Schadenfreude.  To clarify, I don't sit around and wait for bad things to happen to other people so I can enjoy it.  But sometimes I can't help but feel a small twinge of pleasure when I see someone "getting a dose of their own medicine", tasting Karma or experiencing something they either supported, condoned or enforced upon another person that wasn't exactly kind or right of them to do. 


  1. Ohhhh...nice sheets naked. Agreed. Was going to try and post this week - but didn't make it. Enjoying my last drive and drabs of vacation with the kids and neglecting my blog. Next week maybe. But this was a good one. Maybe I'll do it anyway...

  2. O, sweet, Schadenfreude! And Ramen Noodles. O man, I forgot about Ramen Noodles and now it's all I can think about. I'm kind of sad to hear that you gave up housewives though. NY and NJ are my favorites.

  3. "8. I keep thinking at some point I should grow up and wear pajamas, but I would rather buy nice sheets and sleep naked. "

    I always think I should grow up, buy nicer sheets, and sleep naked.

    Your guilty pleasures sound pretty familiar. I mean, WHO DOESN'T LOVE RAMEN?!?!?! (If anyone says otherwise they are a liar and have other issues.)


  4. My guilty pleasure is also my fb page!! DQM is the BEST place to hang out and hide from my real life sometimes! (Other than MTCB obviously! lol) ;)

    1. It shouldn't be a guilty pleasure, but... I spend SO much more time there that people probably think I'm dead on my personal page.

  5. I guess I could say my page is kind of my guilty pleasure. But I really don't fe guilty about that either. Lol. Great post!

  6. Love your list.

    Quality toilet paper is a necessity. And trashy television just makes me feel better :-)

  7. Hell yeah, bring on the Ramen!! ha!

  8. Loving your blog Ash. And your guilty pleasures of Ramen noodles and trashy tv too my list too! I missed the link up due to travelling but I'll be back today and this Sunday. 😊