Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday Feats & Fails 09/05


Welcome to another Friday Feats & Fails!  I have yet to decide how I feel about my week so I guess this will be the decided factor!


-  The job stress I've been complaining about might finally be resolved, but this time... it is on my terms.  There might be change in my future and I'm struggling with my fear because I don't know if the fear I'm feeling is intuition or introvert nature.

-  I got apologies this week.  While I almost consider the apology itself to be a Feat in all instances, at the same time... the one apology wasn't really an apology for something that someone did, but more so how their decision to hurt me ended up not working out so well for them.  It was pretty disingenuous and I'm still unsure how to respond because I can't tell if the person is being a crap-weasel or is literally so full of themselves that they don't realize.  The person who made the apology made it very clear in their transgressions against me that they don't respect me, care about me or value my friendship.  There is no reason why I should even entertain polite conversation with them. 

So it is a fail because I've spent so much time thinking about it, when I should just graciously accept the apology and move the fuck on. 

-  I might have been a little rude to the new girl.  But in my defense... this is the same new girl who sat down next to me her first day and made a phone call to technical support of a program we were having a problem with and snottily said to me, "And I better not get ANY flack from this because she [department supervisor] told me I could".  It appears she thought I was the one who told the boss she was 10-15 minutes late returning from lunch her first day.  Wasn't me... I come to work to do my job, and babysitting my coworkers and reporting to "Mommy" isn't in the job description.  Plus tattling on anyone means having to talk to my boss.  No thank you. 

The problem?  She needed to train at my desk and that made her feel like she had a right to demand to know where I was going, when I told her I wasn't sure and I needed to contact our manager... she  took it upon herself to do it for me, then came back telling me what I was supposed to be doing and where I would be going complete with finger pointing. 

I know this is high school, but the bitch is rude.  

-  Google and I have some serious problems.  A fact that was reiterated to me when 3 people found my blog by searching "creepy fat lady". Fuck you too, Google.

-  I had a dream I was hugging a cute guy.  Then my alarm went off.  I promptly hit it and tried to go back to my hotness, and then I had a dream about big hairy spiders in my bathroom.  


+  I discovered some new blogs.  So that is awesome. 

+  I lost a couple of pounds.  I'm not ready to say how many exactly because I don't trust water weight, but I feel good about it and my pants are getting looser. 

+  I discovered that you CAN have hot liquid protein drinks.  Which is the tits because... well, I have problems getting in all my protein and this will make it so much easier.  Plus... I have snacking problems at night and a nice warm mug of hot chocolate protein shake might really curb some of that. 

+  I took something that annoyed me, and turned it into a funny post about Tiresome Facebook Friends of Friends

+  Um... I literally got 3 apologies this week.  I know a lot of the time apologies are really more about the person making the apology than the person doing the forgiving but... in some of the situations, it felt kind of nice.  

+  Google might have directed someone to me after searching "creepy fat lady", but... Google still called me a Lady. 

+  I've gotten a lot of writing done this week.  I'm not sure if I want to share or not, but I got a lot of things that needed out... OUT!

+  My car problems and leaky tire ended up being a relatively cheap fix.  So that's awesome. 

+  I painted my nails a lovely shade of red last night and they rock.  

+  I set goals for myself this week.  After years in a relationship where I couldn't even make plans, much less actual goals and things to work for and towards... it feels incredible.  

+  I went for a fast paced walk last night.  As someone who never leaves her house strictly for exercise purposes, it felt pretty good. 


  1. Way to go Ash, it sounds like a very productive week. Congratulations on your successes. I'll blog about my week and link up later today. 😊

  2. Look at you rocking out your week! Hot protein drinks? You're going to have to give me a recipe...

  3. Google thinks you're a lady! #winning!