Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday Feats & Fails 10/03/2014

Was it just me or was this week a long one?  Uffda.  It seemed to drag on with every day feeling like it should be Friday.  But, that happens I guess.  Hopefully when I look at the Feats & Fails of this week it will all "break even".


-  On Sunday, my nephew actually asked me for a shirt featuring Abe Lincoln that said "Swagger".  I'm hoping he was just caught up in asking for things and didn't genuinely like it, but I'm concerned.

-  Speaking of my nephew, he woke me up at like 6 a.m. on Sunday.

-  Monday was rough.

-  I had a meeting with my boss this week.  It wasn't necessarily a bad meeting, but if you corner me and ask me what I think sometimes things come out that maybe shouldn't.  I'm having some reservations, but whatever.  I was honest but respectful and it is what it is.

-  The night after my meeting with my boss brought an argument with Bonehead.  That argument led to me having to admit to certain issues I have that make "normal", simple things really hard.  I hate admitting to things that are "wrong" with me.  Then this happened...

-  I didn't write anything all week, except this.  Which feels like a fail because I'm been so motivated lately.

-  I've been tracking most days on MyFitnessPal, but I'm over my calories and under on steps.

-  It has been cold, rainy and gray for days.

-  Friday is starting out listening to a coworker talk about his buddy's complicated and tragic divorce, which I'm tired of hearing about.  And my paycheck is already gone.  Depressing.


+  Dinner with my Mom Saturday night... which is always good because I enjoy spending time with my Mom SO much.  And we got to have an interesting conversation about Brian the Foot Man.

+  My nephew ended up getting a "Keep it Weird" shirt.  Which I was happy to buy him.  I think there is hope yet.

+  While my nephew woke me up at 6 a.m. that also meant I got to do a lot of fun things with him including getting coffee, going out to breakfast, and going to the Farmer's market.

+  I cleaned under my bed.  That is a big deal.

+  I hit 100,000 Pageviews.

+  I have an interview this afternoon that I'm very excited about.  VERY excited about.

+  I got to see Bonehead this past weekend (before our argument).

+  I have no plans this weekend.  And while part of me feels really lonely about that, I'm also really ok with it.

+  I'm wearing a new bra.  So yay for that.

So that's it.  Guess I better start working on making things better this weekend.  How about you?  How is Friday treating you today?  Special plans for the weekend?


  1. Yay for new bras and good luck on your interview!

  2. Sorry to read of your arguement, I know how close you are so that part sucks. It sounds like it was fun to have your nephew for weekend. I'm gearing up for my sons hockey practice this weekend looking forward to seeing him on the ice. Great read Ash, and congratulations on your 100,000 page views that's awesome sauce. 😃💗

  3. A hUndered thousand and two. Yay! Sounds like the perfect week!