Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday Tricks & Treats 10/31/2014

Treat or Treat!  Smell my feet!  Give me something good to eat!!
Happy Halloween!!  It is the most wonderful time of the year and I'm so glad you're stopping by to celebrate with me today!  Thank you!

-  Seriously creepy dreams Friday night.  I will never mix Pumpkin Pie Beer with Skittles again.  Never. 
-  I tried to do something that I thought was a good thing, and was treated like I did something wrong and I decided "Fuck it".  That "Fuck It" went from being passive anger to outright rage when the person who treated me like I did something wrong realized they were being a jerk and had someone else apologize for them.  Yeah.  That seriously happened.  Which then turned into attitude and an explosion and now... now I just don't know.  I was told this is the end.  I guess we'll see but I'm not going to be the one apologizing.  
-  I was SOOO cranky on Saturday.  And I drank a whole bottle of wine. 
-  I made a seriously poor decision in a moment of weakness and I'm feeling a lot of regret.  It was only made worse by the fact that I missed a day of work the next day... partially because I couldn't bear to face myself.  I'm still trying to make peace.
-  I wasn't ready for Halloween.

+  Finally finished my shopping for my Witchy Halloween Giveaway.  Most of the items are local, so I feel really good about that. (I hope you enjoy your prize, Gayle)
+  My favorite Cheese and Jelly makers were at the Farmer's market, so I was able to get jam to get me through the winter (hopefully).
+  I was cranky on Saturday, but I still got to spend time with my nephew and eat Mexican Lasagna.  And we got to see this doll downtown....
+ Last week, I reviewed the Beautyblender with not so wonderful results.  This week, Birchbox Customer Service came through for me and replaced my ripped BeautyBlender.  And I am SOOO glad they did!
+  I pulled together a last minute costume and I look frickin awesome.

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  1. Sounds like an eventful week. I was cranky and drinking wine on Saturday too. 😉 glad you got to do up your Halloween costume you rocked it beautiful. 😃