Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Feats & Fails 11/21/2014

Ahh, Friday.  Or, POETS Day... as in "Piss On Everything Tomorrow's Saturday".  And that is exactly how I'm feeling.  Except I said I would work tomorrow. Whatever.  Overtime quiets the noise my bills make... or something.  On to the Feats & Fails of the week!

-  I sent all of my Thanksgiving cards out early, because I was convinced Thanksgiving was yesterday until late Monday afternoon.  Seriously.

-  I let a bunch of little things bother me this week.

-  My cat threw up on my bed.  But he didn't just yak on the bed, he yakked on the mattress protector too.  Ugh.  I'm so tired of doing laundry.

-  Last Friday night, I may have told my nephew that if he could only have two gummy vitamins a day because gummy vitamins were made for stupid kids who needed to think they were eating candy instead of vitamins and if he ate more than two he would end up shitting himself, throwing up and needing at IV to rehydrate him after he shit himself and threw up everywhere.  I told him he would shit himself like 4 times.  That's probably a huge Auntie fail, but he laughed and listened so that counts for something...right?

- Weird trip to Walgreens on Thursday.  I went to the one towards the more...let's say economically diverse side of town.  I ended up seeing a guy who I thought was an old friend; The last time I saw him he was struggling with addiction.  He moved away and seemed to be doing better, though I'd heard stories he'd slipped.  I stalk him on Facebook and he seemed to be doing better.  Unfortunately, if he is in town I can't imagine it would be for anything good and I hope like hell it wasn't him.  Then while I was there, I saw a guy that looked like someone I used to know...I almost went up and asked him how he was until I remember that guy died a few years back.  It was just a weird, weird trip to Walgreens.

+  I'm still loving my new job and we got a Keurig.  My boss seems happy with me so far.

+  I got to spend time with my nephew.  He's awesome.  On Friday, I bought him a shirt with a skull wearing a Santa hat. 

+  I told my nephew eating too many gummy vitamins would make him sick and he would shit himself... HOWEVER, he isn't begging for gummy vitamins all day, so I guess that is an Auntie WIN. 

+  I got new socks.  There are very few things I enjoy in the World quite the way I enjoy new socks.

+  Mexican and margaritas Saturday night with a friend.  Delicious!

+  This might be what I like to call a "Happy Little Shitty Thing", but I got some gossip from my old job.  The boss' "pet", who was incredibly socially awkward and known for causing drama on multiple occasions, left the company.  Apparently, she went around and left letters on everyone's desks, no notice, and didn't go back.  She had been "training" a backup for months, and the backup isn't ready to take over (they weren't really training).  It wasn't my job to cover for her, yet because the position of her backup had been so hard to fill for nearly two years I had been doing the job on the rare occasions when she took time off.  I'm no longer there.  The only other person who could cover for her was on vacation this past week.  I'm kind of glad she did it... I hope it shows the people in charge that you can't give someone a very important position and treat them like they don't matter.  Not giving people benefits, raises, and days off isn't a way to keep good people who are trained and knowledgeable.  Maybe I shouldn't be so gleeful, but... part of me feels very vindicated because I knew I was important there and now my boss knows too.

That's it.  That is all I've got. 


  1. Love it Ash, so great to have such an awesome relationship with your nephew. That tshirt sounds epic!!! I tell my kids the same thing to my kids what my Beloved Mama said to me "too much of a good thing will make you sick and shit over the moon." Sounds like a great week, have a pleasant weekend. 😃

  2. I hope it is an eye opener to your former employer as well. It's okay to get a little enjoyment out of the situation-it seems like kharma ;-)

    Enjoy your Saturday of fun & margaritas!

  3. They make Thanksgiving cards?